1st Trimester Screening

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mslinda - April 14

Hi everyone, I need everyone's input on 1st trimester screening, did you have it done? do you think its necessary? I am 30 yo and 7 weeks currently.


Trying4#3 - April 15

What do you mean? I have never heard of that?


bettyg - April 15

I decided not to do it. I'm actually scheduled for it next week. I had never wanted it but then was somewhat convinced at my doctors. Then, I thought it over some more and talked to people and decided it's not for me. From what I can gather, if all looks good, you're happy. If not, they want to do more invasive testing. I personally don't want the more invasive testing and wouldn't abort regardless. Just my two cents. I talked to someone who had it done but in hindsight wished she hadn't. I don't think the tests aren't very conclusive and just cause more stress. I'm worried enough with my own imagination.


mslinda - April 15

I am still debating to have it done or not, the test has a high false positive, which will cause stress on me and baby..


elizhope - April 16

Its a personal decision. My doctor explained it to me like this: The screening tests for your risk for downs and tri(something). Its is merely a risk factor. They take your age, race, family historys and get a risk number and then measure the back of the baby's spine for a thickness number. then they take those two risk numbers and come up with one risk number. if the number is over a certain mark you are considered "positive". If positive they give you the option of having more screening done in the 2nd trimester. It is just a risk factor, and my doctor says that false positives are very very common. They do it in the first trimester so if you have a positive you sitll have time to teminate the pregnancy early on. She also told me that my choice will be based on if I want to know, if the results will affect a termination decision, and if im willing to risk a false positive and be worried throughout the pregnancy. On the other hand it has shown early signs for kids with downs and spina bifeda early on. We chose not to bc i was keeping our baby no matter what, and i wanted to enjoy the pregnancy without worrying. Good luck! I hope this helped


elizhope - April 16

oh, i also meant to say that since it is a risk factor and false positives are high, just bc you may get a positive result doesnt mean anything is wrong. that why they offer the bigger more invasive tests later on (ie, amnio, cvs, etc..) So even if you get a positive, the baby could be 100% healthy.



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