20 Somethings Pregnant For The 1st Time

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rb - March 22

hey all - do you fall into this category - how're you feeling? how far along are you? thought it might be nice to share the experience... i'm 25, pregnant for 1st time and am about 10 weeks along...


Robyn - March 22

Hi! I am 20 with my first. Im 9 weeks and OMG had my first ultra sound on Friday and found out I was having TWINS...AAAAAA lol. But I am still excited. I have just had really bad evening sickness and nothing sounds good but I am so incredibly hungry! Also...headaches and having weirdo scary dreams about loosing my babies, and I am tired constantly. I am so happy though I cant wait till the second trimester when I feel better!


beth - March 22

I am 20 years old and I am currently 13 weeks. My symptoms are beginning to wear except for the tiredness. I haven't had an ultrasound I am anxious to get one.


Dallia - March 23

HI RB, robyn and Beth I am 29 and first pregnancy and I am just coming on 9 weeks. I have a general 24 hr queasyness and I am always tired, have not put on any weight yet but my body is really changing, my b___bs have gone from huge to Ginormous and I am getting a tire around my middle. looking forward to more security of 12 weeks and to feel more energetic.


Mythili - March 23

Hi! I am 26 years old. This is my first pregnancy. I am 6 weeks and 5 days preg. I am scheduled for Ultra on my 8th week.


Kelly K - March 23

I'm 27 and pregnant for the first time. Just found out yesterday that I'm 7 wk 4 d along and due on Nov 4th. Got to hear the heartbeat for the first time too!


Christina - March 23

Hi everyone. I'm 25 and having my first baby. I'm abou 7 weeks and acouple of days. I'vr tried for a couple of years to get pregnant so i'm very exicted and nerves.


Carol - March 23

Hi everyone! I am 34 years old and expecting my first. I'm 7 wks 3dys. I am having the oca__sional cramps/gas/constipation thing going on, but other than that I feel great.


danielle - March 23

I'm 22 and 11 weeks, this is my first and wow this hasnt been as wonderful as people say it is, i've been so sick, i finally stopped being nauseous 24/7 and i can finally eat again. The dreams i have are messed up and i get cramps still but i wouldnt change anything.


rb - March 23

congratulations to everyone - i think we're all experiencing a lot of the same symptoms - but wow, the dreams ARE messed up - i've heard that it's because right now, everything is focused on self, and that's why our brains are working over-time and dreaming about insecurities, fears etc. Beth - glad to hear that symptoms do start to go away, cuz as danielle said, it's not as great as everyone says it is!!! however, i am looking forward to all of it and what's a little ALL DAY sickness right ladies? Robyn - Twins!!! congrats x 2... question for you all - i've been really repulsed by food starting late in the day and unless I crave something specific, I haven't really been wanting to eat at all at night - do you think it's anything to worry about - or should i just wait it out? yesterday was mr.noodles and pepperoni sticks - who knows what baby decides today!


Silvie - March 23

Hi all! I am 25,first time and 10weeks along. was worried a bit because I stopped having my sickness last week abruptly, but today I had my regular check up, got to listen to babys heartbeat..and it was awesome! So now I am very relieved. Everyone is different I Doc told I should be lucky that sickness and quesiness are gone and not worried. I dont feel too much besides sore and tender b___sts and bloating,especially at night and my stomach seems to get full pretty quick. Still not showing too much,can not wait to have that babytummy! Also can not wait for first U/S,so I can see how baby looks!


rb - March 23

where does everyone live? i ask since i know that rules are different in different parts of the rules re: dr. visits, when you get u/s etc. so just curious. i'm in bc, canada and so far have yet to have a first ultrasound... i think i get to hear the heartbeat at my april visit though


rb - March 23

i mean, diff. parts of the world - geez, i need sleep...


Robyn - March 23

To rb- the whole food thing I think is normal. Although they say you are supposed to eat like 7 small meals throughout the day but its also to alieve morning sickness. For me its pepperoni sticks also...weird...and fresh fruit...yeah ahem...the wierd combo on totally different ends of the spectrum! Oh well. These little peanuts are spoiled right now. They want it they get it! lol. I live in Washington state, not DC. I had my first u/s last friday and I was at 8 weeks a a few days. She is having me do an ultra sound every 4 weeks because twins are considered 'high risk'


rb - March 23

hey robyn - same here with the fresh fruit - yesterday i had about a ton of grapefruit, oranges and pineapple with my pepperoni - maybe our bodies are needing salt and vitamin c... so when are you due? I'm tryin to figure out how far i really am - i'm due October 18, so apparently it's my 10th week, but I was also told 11th week from another site... oh, another weird thing i'm eating - mr.noodles... which i haven't like or eaten since i used to babysit when i was 13... strange.


Dallia - March 24

Hi ladies I am in Sydney Australia and I had my first appointment with my obgyn today and he did an ultrasound. the baby measures at 9 weeks and 1 day. I saw it waving around its minute legs and arms, I was totally transfixed.


AK - March 24

Hello Rb and Robyn, i am 29th and also 9 weeks and my first U/S on friday 3/25. when are you due?



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