21yr Old Preggos On Myspace

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Nell143 - June 1

Anyone here around my age on myspace? I am 8 weeks and I just want to have a buddie to go through with the pregnancy.... as we all know our dh only understand so much. It is nice to have a friend who is right there with you going through it. :-) www.myspace.com/thecybuls


Kira_lynn - June 1

Hi there! Im 21 and pregnant with my first as well! www.myspace.com/sweet_wittle_thing


Nell143 - June 1

Hey Kira how far are you? Where are you from? I am at work and they blocked myspace so I can't check out your site until I go home.


Nell143 - June 1

I'm so happy today my m/s is going easy on me YAY!!


Kira_lynn - June 2

Im from Hamilton, ON Canada. Im 11wk3d today. I've already had 3 u/s and seen baby growing well. Thank God! My m/s is pretty much gone but last night i was throwing up and had dirreah so i think i might have eatten something bad. YICK


Nell143 - June 2

So the pregnant life does get better? YAY! There is hope for me yet. My internet at home is on the fritz... so we have someone coming out to check it out today. That sux you were sick last night. What did you eat? I hate throwing up. It is soooo awful. SO what symptoms do you still have? Does food taste normal yet? I am still trying to figure out what I like and don't like. It is a hard game. Like trying food all over again.


babybird - June 2

Hey girls! I'm 24 and also 8 weeks pregnant. My url is www.myspace.com/snrussell


Kira_lynn - June 2

Oh boy, i had fish & chips which i think was what did it..dh put vinegar on em....but then i did have falafal and cheesecake when i got home...so i dunno...maybe its just a 24 hour bug cause im feeling better. My symptoms are um...sore nipples and some "b___b ache", i still have food aversions, and im sure the hydro bill will be higher this month cause i stand at the fridge every 10min trying to decide what i want to eat. Im big on sour foods, meats and cheeses...but i have found my stomache doesnt like milk that much... Where abouts are you from??


LILMAMA - June 2



Nell143 - June 3

I'm from las vegas, NV... yeah it is kinda hard to eat lately I have to be careful about everything smell taste and how heavy it is. My m/s seems to be tapering off thank god. puking 2 times a day just is not fun. 1 time I can handle but 2 dang. Hi Baby bird welcome!! So my sister in law is in labor and we are playing the waiting game tonight. :-) so I need to get ready to go to the Hospital. I am so excited to become an auntie. well I have to go. ttyl ladies.... take care of those lil beans .....lilmama who isn't on myspace is the question... lol


Nell143 - June 6

Well I had 5 days of relief from my m/s and wham today not such a good day. It sux but oh well :-).


JenniferRose - June 23

23 AND on myspace, im 5 weeks almost 6 weeks pregnant, my url is http://www.myspace.com/87261453, Feel free to add me, i like having new pregnant female friends!


Nell143 - June 23

Hi Jennifer I haven't been on this one very much. I saw that you added me on myspace. Congrats! I am 11 weeks now. I can't wait to get into the 2nd trimester. What are your current symptoms?



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