26 Yrs Old Amp Pregnant W 1st Child Due Around Jan 3rd

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muhrea - May 8

Hey everyone! As the t_tle states.. : ) I'm 26 and almost 6 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband and I are very excited! I would really like to meet someone I can keep in touch with who is about my age going through their first pregnancy. I know many people who already have kids adn I'm getting more advice than I can handle : ) I just would really enjoy talking to someone who hasn't experienced this before. Anyway, I'm near Denton Texas and I'd love to chat! muhrea@grandecom.com


cchase - May 8

Hi!!! I am 27 and am due around Jan 8th. This is my first and we too are both very excited. I live in Sunnyvale, CA but am originally from Alabama. I haven't told anyone yet, so I am not on information overload yet. I am sure when i do it will be overwhelming. So, how are you feeling. I really have almost no symptoms yet, which is kinds worrying me. Not that I want to be throwing up all over the place, but something would be nice. Feel free to email me too. cwchase3@hotmail.com


ezwaggy - May 9

HI! I'm 27 too, in week 6 and due around Jan 8th. This is my first. I haven't had any morning sickness yet either. I live in San Diego but I'm from the Bay Area. We haven't told anyone yet either - I'm kind of enjoying the peace before the storm - I know aunts and moms and grandmas will have a lot to say. Anyway my email is: ezwaggy@hotmail.com if you want to keep in touch!


kc - May 9

Hi all, I'm 28 and am also due around Jan. 8th (which is also my own birthday!) I live near Philadelphia, but Muhrea, I was born in Tyler and my parents are from Denton...they went to school there! :-) I am very nervous this time around...I was pregnant a few months back and had an early m/c. So, this is my second pregnancy but will be my first child. I just want everything to go well this time!! I have been obsessing over my symptoms...I have very sore bbs but not much else. I'll be six weeks tomorrow, and on Friday I will pa__s the point where I lost the first one. That will be a big milestone for me! I just can't wait for my doc't appt in two weeks, where hopefully I'll learn that all is ok. I can't wait for us all to have happy and healthy January babies!


muhrea - May 9

Thanks to you guys who replied : ) I'll send each of you an e-mail and I'd like to suggest that maybe you all contact each other as well : ) If you have a myspace.com login... we could also keep in touch there : ) I'll e-mail you guys my info : ) Thanks again and talk to you guys soon!


muhrea - May 9

Oh yeah, and I hate that this has to be an issue, but it's a regular thing I have to deal with... I am in an interracial relationship and we've been together for 10 years May 17th. (High School sweethearts) If this is a problem for anyone... obviously I'm probably not the one to be friends with : ) You can see us on my myspace account. Thanks!


kc - May 9

Muhrea, I am biracial, and am also interracially married! What a funny coincidence! I hope I'm right in saying that I don't think the women here on this forum would make an issue of anyone's relationships, as we're all here to support one another. I will email you to find out your myspace login :-)


muhrea - May 10

I would love to think that as well : ) I'm so excited and I think it would be so cool for the four of us to experience this together and support each other. Now if ya'll could all just move Texas... JK! Anyway, so now I've e-mailed all of you and I hope you guys have a great day!! : ) Talk to you real soon!


muhrea - May 10

Okay, so I'm at my internship "job" and we can get online, but you aren't able to access your e-mail, so I just wanted to get on here and ask a question. If you KC are 6 weeks as of today and you're due Jan 8th, maybe I looked up the wrong due date for myself, because I'm also 6 weeks as of today according to all of the conception and due date calendars. So I'm wondering if I'm a few days off on my due date. I know those couple of days don't make a huge difference : ) Just wondering out loud. I haven't been to the doctor yet, maybe they will be able to pin point it.


cchase - May 10

Hey, all!! I too have a Jan. 8th due date, but I was under the impression that I was 5 weeks, 3 days?? Some places say that I am six weeks though, I am confused too!!! By the way, I don't care if you are black, white, or pink and purple swirls, as long as you are female and pregnant, we all got a lot in common right now!! Also, sore b___bs came in yesterday. Ouch!


hthab - May 10

Hi! I'm almost 28, and I'm due to have my first child around January 7th. I'm living in Colorado. I'll send you an email!


holli - May 10

Hi ladies. Muhrea, I'm 26 also and I think I'm due around Jan13. I'm with Chase; I've gotten several different times of how far along I am based on what web site I'm on. Anyone officially know how to count it?


muhrea - May 10

Hey Holli! Well, I'm 4 sure not a pro, but 've been reading like 4 books simultaneously, and what I understand is that you start with the 1st day of your last period, and count 40 weeks out and that's the estimated day you should be due. For instance, (maybe TMI, but ...) The 1st day of my last period was 3-29-06, so if you count 40 weeks out, you get 1-3-07. I also did several of the calculators online, and got the same date for all of them, so I kinda believe that method. Of course the doctor may be able to tell you more accurately due to the size of the fetus in the sonogram. I haven't been to the doctor yet though. Any other thoughts?


mandee25 - May 11

Hello I am 25 and tomorrow I will be 13 weeks pregnant with my first child. I love this forum!


kc - May 11

Hi all, well, the reason that we are different number of weeks right now but have the same due date is because we each have different lengths of cycles...usually my monthly cycle is 33 days...so even though my last period was march 29th (which makes me 6 weeks and 1 day today), I didn't ovulate until later in my cycle, probably right around the same time that you did. So really I'd only be about 5.5 weeks if I had a 30 day cycle like some of you probably have. Anyway, it will all be sorted out when we see our docs and they officially measure the age of our beans! :-) So far the only symptom I've had is sore bbs, but I think I might've just had my first bit of nausea...I went to microwave my lunch and the thought of eating it made my stomach turn. I managed to eat it, but I couldn't finish it which is very unlike me. How's everyone doing? How fun that we are all due around the same time!


christan10 - May 11

Im 22 and I am due jan. 7th with my first, my original due date was dec 27 but now they think im not quite as far along. As far as symptoms the main one is how tired i have been, which im hoping will let up soon. glad to hear there are some soon to be mommys due around the same time. bluetickcoons@hotmail.com


pattford - May 11

hey ladies. I'm 30 and live in Colorado. I'm a pregnant lesbian. Anyway, i'm due at the first of January too! I have my first u/s on tuesday (16th). I feel pretty good. My b___bs have been pretty sore since a few days after ovulation. Some days they don't hurt much, but most of the time they are extremely sore, especially the nipples. I was puking my brains out on monday, and just kind of queezy around meal time since then. Haven't puked since monday! I am an eater. So, I think it's a definite sign that nothing ever sounds good to eat. So frustrating. Anyway, that's my story. I had a miscarriage over a year ago, so we're cautious and excited right now. I really hope we hear a heartbeat on tuesday!



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