2 Results Spotted Now Bleeding Please Help

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panza911 - October 14

I was a day late on my period took 2 hpt both came out a light positive but very visable..Its been 3 days and I woke up this morning and had the light pink on the toilet paper when I wiped , then it turned to a light brown. Now its the end of the day and its happening every time i go to the bathroom. And when im done going to the bathroom the toilet water is red.. Im also wearing a pantyliner but its not completely full..Like as if I was spotting..Im also having very faint cramping...So I went to the store took 2 hpt again and today it said negative...What do you think??Pregnant or not??? Please help....


kay101 - October 14

It's possible what you had on your hpt's were evap lines. You may also have had a chemical pregnancy, where the egg is fertilized but does not attatch to the uterus, and continues on like an unfertilized egg would. This is very common, and can produce a positive early pregnancy test, but the woman will go on to get what seems like her normal period maybe a couple days late. Did you use the same type of tests each time? I would give your ob a ring and see what they think. If you are really concerned about it, you can go to the ER and they will do a pelvic exam and test the hcg levels in your blood. I have some spotting after s_x a little before I was 4 weeks and went in and everything came back ok.


panza911 - October 14

Different tests.Im going to call the OB tomorrow..And the first 2 hpt I took came up the light positives in about 60 seconds..So I have no idea.Thanks for the help though...


GimmeaBub - October 14

Hey Panza i just came back from my Ob i was supposed to be 6 weeks pregnant, I started having light brown spotting too, well he did a blood test which i find out this afternoon, but i got a feeling I am miscarrying, i have accepted it as hard as it is, but these things happen, what happened to you sounds like me, I am even still getting Dark positives still. My Dr said it could be nothing but he has also said that if I am miscarrying I am getting D/C because last time i miscarried i didnt bother with having one, he said me doing that will make me alot more fertile and I will probably fall pregnant within 2 months, I am sorry your going through this it's really confusing and it hurts, Let us know wot your dr says. Baby Juice



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