2 Miscarriages And Pregnant Again

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bookl - February 26

I just found out I'm pregnant for the third time. I've already had two miscarriages and it's so hard for me to get excited and feel like I can enjoy this. I'm waiting for a call from my doctor and hopefully she can start monitoring my hcg levels soon. I should be about 5 wks. Yesterday I was feeling really nausiated and was happy because it's the first time I ever experienced morning sickness, which I think is a good sign. But this morning, my br___t tenderness has gone down a lot and I've had no feelings of sickness whatsoever. I'm also not very hungry, but am thirsty all the time. How do I not worry about everything when I've already had two failed pregnancies and no babies?


Kristin72 - February 26

bookl, congratulations! I know it's hard to enjoy your pregnancy until you are out of the crucial early weeks. I have had 5 losses..in fact I had 1 Oct 8th with a D&C and another chemical pregnancy on Nov 8th. I am now pregnant 12 weeks with my lmp of Dec8th. So I know about miscarriage all to well and the worry. I had syptoms back and forth. Hardly any nausea in the beginning not until about 8 weeks. My b___sts did not get super tender until about 8 weeks or so. But I was also still nursing my lo..now my milk supply has almost diminished. Anyway, all I can tell you is worrying will not make the pregnancy stick. But taking care of yourself is crucial at this time..I too feel very thirsty especially at night..which sicks cause I have to get up 3-4 times to go to the bathroom. I wish you all the best and the first few beta hcg are a pretty good indicator of things to come as is an early ultrasound after 6 weeks or so when you can hear the heartbeat. Good luck to you!!


tryingx3 - February 27

As Kristin says - try not to worry - your symptoms will waiver throughout the entire pg... Easier said than done - I had 2 m/c prior to having my dd (now 2.5). I am with Kristin and due again in September.



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