2nd And 3rd Time Mom S Question About Contractions

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countrymom - January 12

The first time around I don't remember feeling mild contractions early in pregnancy (4 weeks) but then again I would have just chalked them up to gas or just something associated with pregnancy. I do feel what I think are mild contractions now from time to time. I read that contractions occur very early we just don't feel them until much later. Does anyone else ever feel like their uterus is contracting mildly?


austynsmommy - January 13

I've been pregnant 3 times now and with my last two I had ton's of cramping. Mine didn't feel like contrations though.


Chris1975 - January 13

This is my 2nd time pregnant, and i just feel slight cramps and twinges, not contractions. Ive not heard of that before. Why would your uterus be contracting for?


countrymom - January 13

This info was cut and pasted from Baby Center.com Braxton Hicks contractions are sporadic uterine contractions that start about 6 weeks into your pregnancy, although you won't be able to feel them that early. You probably won't start to notice them until sometime after mid-pregnancy, if you notice them at all. (Some women don't.) They get their name from John Braxton Hicks, an English doctor who first described them in 1872. As your pregnancy progresses, Braxton Hicks contractions tend to come somewhat more often, but until you get to your last few weeks, they'll probably remain infrequent, irregular, and essentially painless. Sometimes, though, Braxton Hicks contractions are hard to distinguish from early signs of preterm labor.


Chris1975 - January 14

ah ok. I didnt feel bh at all when i was first time pregnant - not even at the end. Maybe im one of those womem who never notices them like it says below. hehe :) Fine with me


sarah21 - January 21

I noticed BH about midway through my last pregnancy and haven't felt any this time around yet, but not surprising since I'm not even 6 weeks yet. My BH were terrible with my first though, they would make me stop and catch my breath sometimes, especially towards the end.


gabby509 - January 24

Hey Sarah, I remember you from the third tri board and the infant care board. My son was born early June. I'm also anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks preggo and have felt the same crampy feeling this time as with my last pregnancy, and also feel some tightness in my abdomen. I don't remember feeling any contraction until about 25 or so weeks, and they were just Braxton Hicks.


norma jeane - January 25

I'm 7w 2d and just yesterday noticed a mild cramping and tightening in my lower abdomen. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable but it came and went like a contraction. I didn't notice that with my first until much later. No spotting and it's infrequent so I'm not too concerned at this point.


countrymom - January 27

yes, that's what they feel like--a tightening. In my case, it's probably not a good sign. It appears I am m/c. hcg is doing what it should and the yolk sac is irregular.


norma jeane - January 27

I mentioned it to my dr. yesterday and we bumped my u/s to next week and took blood/urine. He was a bit concerned so now I'm taking it more seriously. Nothing to do but try to relax and wait it out. When I feel the cramp I will lay down and breath deep, I try to will my body to relax and loosen up. It actaully helps but I know whats meant to be will be. Best wishes, take care of yourself.



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