2nd Pregnancy And Early Symptoms

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first-timer - January 18

This is my 2nd pregnancy my son will be 3 in Sept. I'm 12 dpo and have tested positive and my symptoms are raging....nausea, cramps, tired, cravings followed my nausea. Is it too soon? My symptoms were not this bad at this stage with son and just worried especially b/c of the cramps.Is it normal b/c 2nd time around?


Quigs227 - January 24

The only thing I can say is I was the same way. My daughter is 2 and I never was sick or wanted to throw up with her. Now with the new one, m sick and vomiting all the time. :) Every pregnancy is different. I'm about the same with how far along I am as you and I feel tired and sicker than a dog.


first-timer - January 25

Glad to see I am not the only one experiencing early symptoms. I thought I was going crazy with things happening so early.


Quigs227 - January 25

Well, now I'm worried a little. The symptoms are slowing down. My b___bs are getting less tender and I don't feel "flutters" in my stomach anymore. It's crazy because I had all the symptoms we talked about last week and this week I have zero. How are you doing with your symptoms?


first-timer - January 26

Funny because I too have been worried because mine have died off quite a bit too...still some symptoms just not nearly as bad. I feel better to know yours have lessened as well.


first-timer - January 26

Part of it might be that I know how to manage symptoms better like eating lots thru the day and drinking lots of water


Quigs227 - January 26

That is weird, isn't it? At least I'm not the only one! I told feel tenderness or "flutters" in my sotmach like I did before. I should be about 9-10 weeks now. I had my first checkup. Funny thing is I had to have an ultrasound two weeks ago because they thought my horomone levels weren't high enough for my last missed period (it was in Sept 2009!) but I don't normally get my periods regularly (every 2-3 months). Did you have any problems in your first pregnancy



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