2nd Time Mom 1st Trimester And Already Huge

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BunInTheOven - May 13

Hello, I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. I've always been thin, but any weight i've gained has always been in my belly. All of a sudden in the last week, i'm finding that my jeans are already not fitting or are feeling uncomfortable. i don't remember it being like this the first time around, but i know everything has stretched. anyway, could it just really be all bloating, like water weight? on the scale i haven't gained any weight, but if i don't suck my gut in i look like i could be six months pregnant. i'm pretty embarrassed to go around like that and have people ask me when i'm due, and when i tell them they looked shocked because of my size.....has anyone had this problem with a second pregnancy??


kmv511 - May 20

It's my first pregnancy and I'm 9 weeks along and i have resorted to sweat pants and tshirts already because only my fat jeans fit :( It's depressing. lol


GloriaD - May 20

I think the bloatedness starts earlier in the following pregnancies. I'm preggo with #4 and with the first there was nothing until like 13 weeks. Second,third and fourth have been progressively worse, but I stay about that size all the way through like 15 weeks just exchanging bloat for baby. Find some comfy clothes and try to keep your spirits up:)


Sophia - May 25

I'm about 7 weeks along with baby # 2 as well. And this week I've gotten the dreaded bloated feeling that I've heard from many others but never yet experienced. And what's worse, I'm feeling a bit of back pain too. I hope and pray for an easy pregnancy! With my first one I had nausea in the first and third trimesters.


meghanlee - May 26

Hi everyone! I am 7 weeks today (due in Jan 2010). This is my second as well. I am already feeling bloated and miserable. All of my clothes still "fit" but I feel "fat" in them and have that all over bloated feeling. I hate this stage...I wish the real baby belly would show up so I can stop feeling fat and start feeling pregnant.



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