35 And Older

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JD - March 31

Hi - this is my 2nd pregnancy. I'm 37 and 5 weeks pregnant. I'm worried about problems (ie. Downs Syndrome, etc.) because of my age. Just wondering if anyone else out there is in the same boat - had any tests with good/bad results? Thx.


BabyTiger - March 31

I'm 37, 7½ weeks along, my first. Had first u/s today and all looks well :). Just keep a positive att_tude and enjoy the moment. One day at a time.


JD - March 31

I'm trying - it's hard though. There seems to be so much negative stuff out there about being pregnant after 35. A positive att_tude is best. I see my dr. this saturday - that will help.


Penny - March 31

I hate to admit my age, but I'm 36 and 13 weeks today. This is my 3rd, and so far everything looks good. Talk to your doctor about the concerns, mine is so open and willing to do any tests if we want them done. :) we haven't had any as of yet but we'll see down the road. We do have an US Gender check in 3 weeks, so hopefully all goes well then!!


Lisa - March 31

I'm 39 - 1st (successful thus far) pregnancy..going in for cvs next week at almost 12 w.. I feel very good- hope the baby's heatlhy..


Wendy - March 31

37 and 11 wks pregnant.. feeling great.. having a Nuchal Transulency Screening next week so see what happens... hope all is well


penny - April 1

I really wish my doctor would have told me about that test, considerng that I'm 13 weeks and 1 day, and you have to have it done by 13 weeks and 6 days........whats the chances that I could call on Monday and have this done? Hummm.......I'm sure it won't happen....so I'll have to wait and find out. :(


Wendy - April 1

See you DR and ask ... you need a blood test then the NTS Scan.... good luck


Kim - April 2

Penny, my Doctor's office treats high risk pregnancy and so they offered the nuchal translucency to me as part of their routine care - I will be 31 when they do it in late April. I read in their packet of information packet that they do their's between 11 and 14 weeks and so you still may be able to have your office check. At the office I go to, If this shows anything, they then do a blood test. I'd give the Doctor a call on Monday to see if they can still do it if you choose to. Good luck!


Debbie - April 2

I am 41 and pregnant with my 6th child. My 5th has Down Syndrome. I was 39. Let me first say that he is a complete joy. He is 17 months and very high functioning. He talks, signs, does more than most typical children his age because of Early Intervention. I was devastated when I first found out he would be Downs. I found out when I was 18 weeks pregnant, during a level II u/s. This little guy has enriched our lives in a big way. It would be fine if I was told this next one was also Downs. Let me also add, I always feared having a DS baby, even though it does not run in my family. I knew the odds were only 1/100 for a 40 year-old. Hey, you've got a 99% chance that your baby will not be DS. If he is, I pray that you would not abort or be fearful. God makes no mistakes. Before I got pregnant this last time, I was actually looking into adopting a DS baby through Fostercare. I wish you the best!


Liz - April 4

Hi all, I am 36 and ttc #2. My daughter is 7 and don't know how she'll feel losing her thrown-ha! Dust and luck to all!


Felicity - April 4

Don't worry! I had my first at 37. My AFP numbers were off the charts for down's syndrome, and so I had amniocentesis under some duress at 5 months! My daughter is now 7 and perfect and very smart. Now I'm turning 45 and pregant. No one has said anything negative or scary to me in the doctor's office. Keep positive as some of the posters have advised. I don't know what the nuchal translucency test is: can someone explain?


Nadine - April 5

Congrats! You are going to be fine. Look at all of the stars having babies of late--they are all in their fourties. Don't worry!! I have a cousin with downs and my cousin (mom) was in her early twenties when she had her. There is no reason for you to worry. I'll be thinking about you.


LK - April 14

I will be 37 this may. I have 2 girls, one 7 and another 4 this year. is it too late to have a third child? Thanks


Nadine - April 14

Kim, if you come on again, may I ask why you are having the Nuchal test when you are just 31? I am 32 (10w/4d) and the NT test was not mentioned to me. My mom went through menopause at 40...Should I ask for the test? Should I be concerned?


Kimber - April 18

Hello Everyone, I'm 40 yrs old and in my 9th week. I haven't decided on what tests I'll have done yet, I'm a little concerned about my age, but like someone mentioned, all the stars are having healthy babies in their 40's! I'm going to try not to stress too much. Haven't had my first appt. yet, but will be seeing the same doctor who delivered my son....22 years ago. Good luck everyone! Hugs!


Brooke Crow - April 18

I am 35 & 1/2 ... ha ... with two children 14 and 10 ... and scared to death also. I keep all of us in my prayers.



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