3rd Baby All Will Be Under 4 Years Old

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flowergirls - June 27

I just found out I am due early March and I have a 1 & 3 year old. Though we welcomed the idea of a 3rd baby now that is is real I am feeling a bit strange. My dh and I have a very social life, people coming to our place all the time for dinner parties and we go out a lot. Our girls are more or less well behaved and our friends enjoy their company but somehow I feel we will be "shunned" or "avoided" by our friends (most without kids) as 3 just seems like a real crowd! Right now all 4 of us can sleep in our double bed, but now another baby... Anyone else in the same boat?


E586467 - June 28

Yes yes yes!!!! I have a 3yr dd a 1yr ds & am 12wks preg with #3. We talked about having a 3rd but never expected it to happen soooo soon. Ds just had his 1st b'day & I am still b___stfeeding him so in the beginning had been copping alot of slack from friends & family - comments like 'don't you know how they get in there by now'? & I usually just answer ' No I don't PLEASE explain how I keep getting pregnant, cause I have NO idea' lol. I know what you mean about it feeling a bit overwhelming, but to be honest even though we planned #2 I still remember feeling the same way towards the end thinking 'what have we done, how am I going to cope', & after those first hard weeks couldn't imagine life without him. I know it will be hard, especially as ds is such a clingy baby at the moment, but dd is such a sweet helpful 3yr old that she is VERY excited to have another baby to help with, so I think I'll be fine - fingers crossed.


flowergirls - June 29

Hi E5864...! Well we have almost the exact ages. My 2nd dd turned 1 on April 2nd and I too am still bf a little!! I am 5 weeks I think, I have my first appt on July 7th. We have both been under extreme stress due to unfortunate work situations and had only s_x once since I have had my first period post partum-which was two months ago! As sort of a joke I said I would write this date on the calendar because if I fell pregnant it would be quite a miracle. Then bamm, pregnant! We don't plan on telling anyone until the usual 1st trimester mark. How old are you?


E586467 - June 29

I'm 26 but will be 27 in September (I feel really old now I've just written that down, lol). DD turn 3 on the 3/3 & ds turned 1 on the 6/6 (both spontaneous births), so I keep joking this one will be born 1/1 to keep the pattern going. My dh is bad at remembering dates so I think the kids were being kind to him :). I am a stay at home mum but dh & I run a business from home (not so much me these days though), so even though he works ALOT, at least he is close by if I need him. I had my 1st post partum period in January then didn't get another til April, so got preg after the 2nd ppp. We even had protected s_x during the time we thought I was ovulating, so I won't know exactly how far I am til my U/S this thursday. I a__sume I am 12wks going by my lmp.


E586467 - June 29

Wow I am so glad to hear you are bf as well, boy our circ_mstances are similar, I've have friends & family tell me stop but after talking to my doctor I'm glad I haven't yet. My morning sickness was bad with dd lasting til 15wks & VERY bad with ds lasting til 20wks, but this time surprisingly stared easing at 11wks. My doctor told me that it is perfectly safe to continue bf if you take care of yourself & even though you might feel sicker when the milk lets down, morning sickness in general is easier. DS was fussy to begin with when I got preg & even now only wants b___b once a day, but NOTHING gets in his way of having his morning b___b lol. How about you? Has dd become fussy? How often are you feeding her?



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