3rd Pregnancy And Measuring Small

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irishmom - February 7

I'm feeling a bit neurotic but need some reassurance or direction to go for research. I had 2 miscarriages last year. My second one we saw a heart beat and I should have been measuring 8 weeks and only was measuring 7.1. The baby died when it reached 8.2. and my body micarried it at 10 weeks. Now I am pregnant again and went for an ultrasound. I should have measured 7 weeks and only measured 6.3. They saw a heart beat but I'm scared its the 2nd pregnancy all over again. I'm taking baby asprin and progesterone. Anyone been in or is in a similiar situation with a positive outcome??


SuzieQ - February 7

Hi irishmom, I am almost in the same boat as you. I had two m/c's last year, with the same m/c as you at 8 and 10 weeks. I am scared too, and have my first ultrasound next monday (I will be 7w1d). I have an old coworker (well, she's not old, but whatever...!) and she had two m/c's as well and had a healthy third pregancy :) Are you booked for another ultrasound to see how the progress goes? I think a difference of 4 days shouldn't be too worrisome - but I do understand. If you were only measuring 5 weeks or something, then it would be worrisome. But I think 6.3 is a good sign! And a heartbeat is always beautiful! Best wishes


irishmom - February 9

thanks so much for your feedback. I do have another ultrasound next Friday. At which point I should be 8.3. I figured if something were going to happen it would be now, just based on past experiences. I'm hoping the baby asprin makes the difference. Are you on baby asprin and progesterone too?


SuzieQ - February 9

No, nothing. My doctor believes the m/c's were just bad luck. If I have a third m/c, I think I'll change doctors. I know there's not much you can do to prevent m/c, but I like to be as proactive as possible! Also, I read that after seeing the heartbeat, the chance of m/c goes down 83%. I hope everything goes well for you. I got a bit of brown spotting today, so I'm trying not to freak out. I have an ultrasound on Monday, so this will be a very long weekend. Best wishes :)


irishmom - February 10

best wishes to you too Suzie! Go on the internet and look up baby asprin. Lots of women are on it and it seems to have a really positive result. Its a blood thinner and I guess they think with women with multiple miscarriages that the blood becomes to thick at some point in their pregnancy and that's what causes the heart to stop beating. I would ask your dr. about it on Monday. it couldn't hurt if this many women are on it! Good luck! (-:



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