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Nancy - November 10

Hi there- I am currently around 4.5 weeks pregnant - due date calculators estimate a due date of July 15. This is my second pregnancy and with my first I had very sore br___ts from the early beginning. I am a bit concerened because I don't have sore br___ts at all, and very few symptoms. I took another test yesterday to verify it was still positive and it's much darker than the control line and much darker than a few days ago. Is anyone else in the same boat??? I am having a blood test Tuesday...until then I'm worried as I had a m/c before my first that seemed symptom free at the beginning too.....


MAC_33 - November 10

Nancy, I had very few symptoms when I was pregnant with my son who is now 9yo. I had sore bbs for a few days around week 7 or 8, was never tired and never had a hint of nausea. I'm sure everything if fine, just relax over the weekend and the dr will be able to confirm everything on Tuesday.


Whitney - November 10

Every pregnancy can be different, with my first I was sick to my stomach from weeks 4 - 12 & just exhausted. I'm now 6 1/2 weeks & feel great, so I'm kind of wondering the same as you, but I wouldn't worry too much. My freind has 4 girls & she said some pregnancy's she felt awful like she was hit by a truck the whole 9 months & others she felt amazing. We should just be lucky were feeling so good ... so far.


bubbasmom - November 10

Hi Nancy. I am also pregnant with my second and due july 17th. I am just over 4 weeks but this pregnancy is already different from my first. With my son, I had no signs unitl 6 weeks and I started throwing up at 3 weeks before I even knew I was pregnant. So, every pregnancy is different and you shouldn't worry. I know it hard, but enjoy feeling good while it lasts.


JaydensMommy - November 13

Nancy, according to my LMP I am due around 7/21/08. I am very nervous also b/c I don't really have any symptoms. My son is only 2 1/2 y/o but I can't remember how I felt with him. My b___st were sore when I was expecting my period, now they really aren't so bad. I have no other symptoms and I am also worried to death that something is not right. I have to wait to go the Dr. until 11/30 and think I may go out of my mind by then.


Nancy - November 13

Well, I went to the dr. today to have my bloodwork done and expressed my concern about no sore bbs. I was told that since this is my second pregnancy I may not feel thay symptom as much as they have already been "stretched" with the last one. The first time round your body is feeling more of the streching and pulling and may not be as pronounced in subsequent pregnancies. Anyhow, I'll wait and see what my levels are like once the results come in tomorrow.


danic - November 13

I am right with you. I am due july 19 and I have NO symptoms. With my daughter i was sick from almost conception...so this is so odd for me. I m tempted to go take another test as well but am waiting for my doctors appointment. Hopefully she will be able to tell me I am normal and just to enjoy feeling normal :)


JaydensMommy - November 14

Just wondering how it went Nancy? I am still waiting for the symptoms to start.....but nothing yet. It is so hard to feel confident that everything is "ok" when you don't feel anything going on, ya know? You almost wish for nausea...LOL!!


Nancy - November 15

Well, I guess you don't have to have a lot of symptoms to be very pregnant. I had my bloodwork done yesterday and my hcg levels were 2587 which means they are climbing just as they should. I still don't have sore bbs at all or really anything else except for some headaches and hungry! I'll enjoy it now as it hit me hard last time at about 6.5 weeks. My due date is July 15th.


amber - November 18

hi im 4.5 weeks pregnant also and this is my fourth. i never felt sore with my other three but my b___sts have already swollen heaps and they are sore and something else that is different this time round is that i have had cramps and im spotting a little bit that just started tonight i feel a little worried but i have been told that it could be the implantation egg hatching would any one know when and how long it takes


Gemini_Girl - November 18

Hi Nancy! as my pregnancy wasnt planned, I didnt start having symptoms till about 8wks, which is when I tested positve and sore b___sts was something I didnt have till about week 16 - just read your last post though and thats great everything is going well :)



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