4 6 Weeks Amp No Morning Sickness

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Sue - September 29

If I have not experienced it up until now, please tell me I have escaped it? ;o)


heather - September 29

hey sue. I'am also 6 weeks pregnant. well actully 6 weeks 4 days.but n-e-wayz I dont have morning sickness. but I hurd It can come when ever it wants. so who no's it could still come (hopefully not thought ) ... :o)... good luck


Ann - September 29

Hi Sue, I was also worried and kind of hoping for morning sickness(as a sign everything was going well). Well I am on week 6 day 3 and I started feeling lousy tonight. But I heard that some people don't experience it and it also is not unusual to get it at 8 or 9 weeks. Best wishes!


Jennifer - September 29

Hi Sue, I am 5 weeks and 6 days and I have had some minor morning sickness (actually all day sickness:)) but it really has not been that bad. I have also heard that some women just don't experience it, and some just have it later on. Mine seems to be getting worse, but I am hoping it does not. For the most part, it is just the nausea. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones! Good luck.


Paula - September 29

Mine didn't start until 6 weeks and just subsided right before 12 weeks. I hate to say it but you aren't out of the woods.


katelyn - September 29

do you always throw up or is it just an icky 'i feel like im going to throw up' feeling? because i have the latter but have yet to throw up yet at 5w4d


N - September 29

katelyn - that's exactly how I felt with my last pg...like it was always in my throat, but I never actually threw up. I remember thinking how good it might feel to actually be able to just puke instead of having to feel like that all the time. I'm 6 wks and still nothing major, but I'm guessing it will hit me anytime now...


paige - September 30

i have exactly the same thing as you katelyn, 5wks and 2/3 days. no worries at all. let's just hope it doesn't get any worse. my favorite thing right now is napping. and eating!


karen - September 30

Sue, Katelyn and Paige, be careful because I felt the same way as you a lot, between about 6-9 weeks. Really nauseous, but usually didn't throw up. A few times though, it snuck up on me pretty quick and I threw up, even though I didn't feel much worse than I did the times I didn't throw up. It's a good idea to keep a bag handy or plan an "escape route" just in case. :)


Paula - September 30

I was also just queasy in the beginning. So much so that I would spend most of the day running to the bathroom b/c I thought I was going to get sick. I called the dr. and he said half a tablet of unisom (sleeping pill over the counter) was safe every night at bed time. It helped me sleep and took away that all day queasy feeling. It was amazing.


JK - October 1

I thought that I wasnt going to get it either until my 7th week. Feels like Im going to throw up all day long. I dont want to eat because I feel sick but then I do eat and then feel even worse. I cant wait for the second trimester!!


Jill - October 1

Sue...I started my morning sickness at 6 wks 1 day. For your sake I hope you escaped it but I know it sure came to me without warning.



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