4 All June Mommies I Have A Big Question

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Renee - October 21

I'm a June Mommy to be and I have a big question. I start my 6th week today and am awaiting my performance review (from my boss) befroe the end of the month and I am hoping to get another raise. I'm under a lot of stress with my job right now. I'm the general office manager but I am also, planning the corporate holiday function, learning the ropes in Human Resources, preparing for a Quality Audit (we manufacture medical implants) and also heading a building renovation project - we need to be in the new building by January!!! So as you can see, I'm extremely busy at work and not to mention my boss is a perfectionist - one little thing misaligned and it's my head on the chopping block. Thats why this morning when she said, "I don't wnat you to get sick over this project, it's just a renovation." I got mad! Because I know if something does go wrong, she'll look to me. I have NOT TOLD HER I am pregnant yet. I want her to see that I can do my job and that she won't have to get a replacement PLUS I don't want my raise to be affected by the fact that I will be out for a few weeks next year. My question is - how do I deal with the stress and do I just forgo the waiting period and just tell her now that I'm pregnant??? I'm so unsure of what to do. Thank you so much!


Ella - October 21

Renee-I too am due in June (7 1/2 weeks). I haven't told my direct boss, not out of concern for my job, but because I'm afraid that something will happen. I'm a teacher and my situation is slightly different. It sounds like you've worked at this job for a while, I'd find out what the policy on maternity leave is. You can't be fired for having a baby, but your duties can change. You should have some Idea of how your boss will react, does she have children? Are you feeling really sick or overly tired? to the point where it's effecting your performance? I'd get my ducks in a row first, and remember, it's still early, you have lots of time. My Dr. told me most importantly to "take care of yourself, stress can be harmful to you and your baby." Let me know...


It depends - October 21

#1) Find out your company's policy on maternity (sometimes called parental) leave. #2) Find out the laws in your state #3) They cannot fire you for having a baby, but they may a__sign you a different job when you return. Most companies reserve this right. #4) My company gurantees job protection and full pay for 12 weeks after the birth of a baby. After the 12 weeks, it is up to our direct managers if they need to fill our spot. If they decide to fill our spot, then the company will find us another open position in the company. #5) Don't tell your boss until you are comfortable doing so. It shoudln't affect your raise, although I don't know if there are any actual laws on that. Basically, if she penalizes you in any way for having a child, and you can prove it, she can get in loads of trouble.


Renee - October 21

Thanks for your responses! Ella, I live in NJ and (sadly) I don't really understand the FMLA and NJFLA acts. I am ent_tled to time away , and they have to hold my job or give me a similar job when I return. I'm ok with both. I just don't think it's all paid time off. That wouldn't make sense though, would it? My boss has two grown girls - one a sr in highschool the other is just a 5 years younger than me. I don't feel really sick, just tired. I do get queezy in the AM, and that has resulted in me being a few minutes late a few times in a row. My review is coming up (by the end of October) I am telling my family on Thanksgiving. by then I will be 12 weeks. I'm trying to breathe deeply and relax while I'm here. Yesterday was just exceptionally crazy... I can't have more days like that. Ultimately, I am trying to AVOID telling anyone before I tell my family. It's going to be a loooong 6 weeks. Thanks again for your support



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