4 Weeks 3 Days No Symptoms Is This Ok

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oct19bad - May 5

Hi I am 4 weeks 3 days pregger still early and i have no symptoms. Should i be worried? I had cramps the day my period was due and constapation but as of now i dont feel anything? Is this ok.. Please any info will help. I am scared casue i MC a year and a half agao.


mjvdec01 - May 5

You are still a bit early for morning sickness. Usually it hits between the 6-7 week mark. I am 28 weeks 4 days pregnant with our second child and if I were you I would not be worried at this point at all. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! :o}


oct19bad - May 5

Thank you soo much!


austynsmommy - May 5

That is how I feel. I am just hungry all the time. I dont know what is up with that.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 5

hey hon, Im 34 weeks pregnant but I just though I would throw my 2 cents in :) dont worry if you dont get any symptoms... some women never get any symptoms, its rare, but it happens. pregnancy symptoms are one of the worst things to go by when trying to determine if everything is alright, because they are so unpredictable and such. anyway.. just dont worry to much about not having "normal" symptoms... Im sure everything is fine. congrats on your pregnancy! hope it goes well for you.


HeavenisMine - May 5

I had a m/c a year and a half ago too. when I got pregnant with my daughter I flipped at the beginning because of not having any symptoms (They came later on and boy how I wish they hadn't!) they really are bad to go by. You should have no worries right now unless a problem actually presents itself (Like bleeding, pain, ect.) :) Embrace no symptoms! This pregnancy I did not get so lucky. I have been ill from day one.


oct19bad - May 6

Thanks soo much guys. I will try not to worry so much, I have a little nipple action but nothing too drastic.. How are you doing Austynmommy?


mcs - May 15

So what kind of nipple action are you talking about? I don't have any symptoms either...I'm 4 weeks and 3 days now and was worried at first, but everyone says not to worry. My nipples are a little bit sore, but nothing major.


Megan P - May 16

I am the same! I am 4 weeks and 1 day maybe and I have no symptoms. I have been wanting to eat a bit more. With my daughter my b___sts got sore and swollen right away. Nothing yet with this one! I hope it sticks!


09grad - May 28

im not sure if im pregnant but if i were i would be 11 weeks and 4 days i havent gotten my period and the month has only 3 days left, for three days ive been getting the feeling in my stomach that comes when my period is about to come but it still hasn't came could i be pregnant????


Bilmes123 - May 28

I found out I was pregnant really early. And the only symptoms I had was the sore b___bs and felt really tired. Then around 6 weeks I felt sick, tired, hungry all the time, sore back, some mild cramps and headaches. I had everything except for vomitting. And for 09grad, If you were 11 weeks pregnant you would def feel it, have you taken a pregnancy test? if you havent gotten your period you would most liklely be. Check right away and if you are start taking those prenatal vitamins


krc - May 29

It isn't rare for a woman to have no symptoms. It's quite common actually. Personally, I never had a single symptom other than sore b___bs. Aside from that I felt no different. Every woman is different and therefore will experience different changes, if at all.


ahmadzahid - May 30

I am also 4 weeks prego and have no sign of pregnancy and my doctor say its normal.So dont be worry;;;;;;


TRACCY - May 30

congrats i know how you feel...I had a mc and was flipping out about the lack of symptons..My breats only started hurting this week and i am 12.3 weeks...Dont worry it will come and if you are like me it came full force and i had to be put on meds for nausea........I know how it feels to be so early..It doesnt feel like you are early because we know the sec we are preg..so hang in there and lots of love and baby dust to who ever is ttc...


mcbee - May 31

I didn't really start getting symptoms until about 6 weeks. Then, weeks 6-8 were miserable! I'm now 9 weeks (today), and I feel soooo much better. I went for an u/s on Thursday, and everything looked beautiful. So, don't stress about your symptoms. Also, b___st tenderness that varies with each woman. Mine hurt when I first wake up, and that's it. Now (just like austynsmommy), all I want to do is eat, eat, eat, eat, eat. Unless I have heartburn, which is often.


TRACCY - May 31

oct19 i also wanted to stress how early you are ..The first 2 weeks you are not really even preg yet so ------DONT WORRY!!! ENJOY mommy the symptons will come and then you will be miserable like me lol.......kidding i am not miserable just sick all the time haha......I am actually happy bc i feel like ok my baby is saying unless my mommy is sick to her stomach she wont be stop worrying about me so i am giving it to her full force........... lol........... if you need to talk we are all here..This is such a great site..........


amh - June 3

I am 4 weeks along and I have sore b___sts and slight lightheadedness, otherwise not much else, mild,mild cramping for about a minute then it goes away, and slight nausea, but overall feeling pretty good :) Congrats :)



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