4 Weeks And 6 Days PG With Bleeding

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Alyssa - October 9

I have been having brown spotting since Friday and it is now Sunday. I just started to see red blood. Heres the deal, I went to the doc on Fri. to get blood taken to check out my HcG levels and then again today to compare. On Friday they were at 2,000 and today they are at 7,000. That is great, but now I'm bleeding red.... should I still worry even though my levels are going up?


Alyssa - October 9

Anyone please? Any answers??


xSuzx - October 10

Looking at you HCG levels they are as they should be, but like you I would be concerned about the bleeding, do you have any cramping? has your dr asked you to go back on tuesday and test your levels again, if they haven't and the bleeding doesn't stop I'd go back and get them tested again, just to make sure. Good luck


bump - October 10



bump - October 10



bump - October 10



bump - October 10



TO ALYSSA - October 10

I f you have any concerns don't sit around posting questions on here call the doctors, it could be nothing, hopefully, but you never know.


Alyssa - October 10

I'm not sitting around here doing nothing. I don't sit on here all day asking questions. It's not like I can go into the doctors whenever I want too, I wish I could! I have an appt. for Tuesday (tomorrow.) I have already had one appt. since the bleedings started, there is not much else I can do besides wait and pray for the best.


ALyssa - October 10

Suz - I am having no cramping at all. I am very very achey though (my abdomen.) Sometimes my legs ache too. Anyone know if that's normal too?


Mindy - October 11

Alyssa- It sounds like you are having cramping if you are achey. I hope things are okay for you. I know how nerve wracking this is when your bleeding. I'm praying for you. God Bless!



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