4 Weeks And No Symptoms

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wannababyboy - May 22

I was just wondering how far along most of you have been before actually "feeling" pregnant. I mena I have no symptoms at all other then extreme tiredness. Is this normal?


hthab - May 22

I didn't notice very much that early. At 5 weeks and 2 days, I started feeling nauseous. By week 6, I was feeling very ill. I wouldn't wish it on anyone though, so just relax and enjoy being pregnant for now! Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to endure morning sickness (all day).


chezg - May 22

Same here i didnt have any symptoms till about 6 weeks onwards, before then i was just always tired.


snowbaby - May 22

hello there... i just started my 8th week and so far i have no symptoms at all... !!!!!!!!! My mom told me that she never had any, when she had me..too


flower.momma - May 22

It is hard to be so excited about pregnancy, but not feel any symptoms. That said, it is very hard to feel excited about pregnancy WHILE you are feeling symptoms. If you are only 4 weeks, there is no cause to worry, the nausea, sore b___bs, fatigue and all that great stuff always showed up at around 6 weeks for me, and then I couldn't wait for it to go away. Just give it a little while and you'll be thinking "this sucks!"


snowbaby - May 23

Oh... I forgot i have just one symtom - the sore b___bs... thats all :-)


ezwaggy - May 23

I'm 7weeks and I have sore b___bs and I'm SO tired but I've had no morning sickness yet. It worries me a little but if I shows up tomorrow I know I'll be kicking myself for ever worrying.


Cari - May 25

Hello all, I am 6 weeks and also have no symptoms except extreme fatigue. My mom said she wasn't sick with me, so maybe I will be one of the lucky ones. It helps to hear other people going through the same situation, as this is my first pregnancy and as I am sure all women tend to be, I am nervous.


EB - May 26

My symptoms up to the 6th week were extreme fatigue, sore b___bs, and a metallic taste. The degree of fatigue really surprise me. Nausea, food aversion, cramping, light spotting really kicked in from weeks 6 to 9.


iakram - May 26

It's wayy to early for you to have MS



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