4 Weeks Anyone

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Dani - April 25

Looking for a four week buddy, anyone????


Gina - April 25

What is your due date???? Mine will be Dec. 27th according to period but I ovulated late so I think I will be off. Who knows......


Maggie - April 25

My date is December 30! Yay!


Dani - April 25

Gina & Maggie, have you gone to see your obgyn yet???


Maggie - April 25

I'm going tomorrow to my general pract_tioner for all the beginning stuff, but then I'm going to use a birthing center (midwife) instead of an obgyn. I met the ladies there last Thursday and I was hooked! It's such a different environment, and they really have a different philosophy. I have a few friends who have done it...the only question to be answered is if I'm strong enough to do it without pain medication! :)


Lisa - April 25

Me, me!! I will be four weeks on Wednesday. EDD is around January 6th...Yet to be confirmed...


ca__sandra - April 26

I just had my 1st u/s on 4/25 it revealed twins! I had ivf exactly 4 weeks prior.Hopefully time flies! I can't wait to hold babies in my arms!


Gina - April 26

I only saw them because I had a yeast infection from amoxicillian. I had them test me and it was a faint positive last Monday. They took my blood to see what my progestrone level was cuz I had a m/c in late Feb. So I am going back this Thursday to see if they have risen since I had to start low dosage or progesterone suppositories. I hope they do an ultrasoudn soon so I fell at ease. This is will my 5th child. I have a 19, 16, 15, and 13 yr old. Second chance, miss a little one.


Gina - April 26

Sorry for all the typos!


Lenore - April 26

Gina, I too had a mc in Feb and am now 4 weeks pregnant. I have an appt today to check my hormone levels and I am very concerned as well. I am anxiously awaiting 8 weeks to have an ultrasound. This will be my first! good luck. keep me posted!


Lindsey - April 26

I am four weeks pregnant and by obgyn said I won't have my first appt. until 8 weeks...is that unusual? Are there things I should be doign in the meantime?


Gina - April 26

Congrats ladies! I am 5 weeks today. If you have no problems prior then 8 weeks is normal. You should be taking vitamins. I am taking walgreen's childrens vitamins. I am not a pill swallower. It has everything in it the Nurse said. Go and get some if they have not prescribed something, (not chewable if ya swallow pills).


jojo - April 28

hi dani i remember you from the other room you got your BFP 7 days before a/f i got my BFP 5 days before a/f my due date is jan 3rd


Myra - April 28

I am 5w3d today and due Dec 26th. First ultrasound in a few days. I won't have a physical exam until around 7-8 wks.


Dani - April 28

Jojo, First off, CONGRATS!!!! Yep, I saw the dr. for the first time yesterday and she said my due date will be 12-30-05. Your due date is Jan. 3rd?? Did you take all your tests?


jojo - April 29

yes dani i went to the dr did i v/sono see the sac to early to see any thing else keep me posted.I have 2 boys already 11 and 8 i lost a baby in 11/04 at 17 weeks .so i dont think i will go to the 3rd i have always gone early. do you have any kids or is this your first


Gina - April 29

Congrats to all! I am due Dec. 27th but I think it will be a day or two later. Had a progesterone level taken yesterday and they just called and it is almost 18. She said that was good for 5 weeks. They dont chekc HCG unless you are bleeding. Is that right? I think morning sickness is starting ...... my bbs are really starting to hurt more and more everyday. Food tastes good. I go to the doc on May 20th I will be 8 weeks or so. I am bit nervous after m/cing in Feb.



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