4 Weeks On Clomid Round 1

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Katie - August 21

At 4 weeks currently, thanks to Clomid and my Dr still said its unnecessary to be seen until Week 8...is that normal? Shouldn't we try to find out if multiples is an issue at this point? I am exhausted around 2 in the afternoon and then get a second wind around 5 (usually around works around the work day). Also, some small stomach pains and sore br___ts as otheres have mentioned. If I must wait until Week 8, is there any way to measure numerical Hcg levels to get an idea of whether I have one egg or two progressing? I understand that the levels will increase at a faster rate with more than one. Please Help.


Jamie - July 23

Katie, I am sure the reason that the doctor wants to wait is cause you have only technically been pregnant for two weeks! It is too early on an ultrasound to see anymore than a blob in the uterus. You couldn't even distinguish between one or two embryos and it is too early to hear the heart beat(s) as the heart starts beating around week six and often it is even still too early then to pick up the heart beat with the doppler. So, yes, it is normal to wait until week 8 as the doctor can gather much more info then. A lot of women don't even know that they are pregnant at this point. The only way to measure hcg levels is with a blood test (quant_tative hcg) done every other day to measure the increase. Most doctors don't put their patients through this unless you are bleeding or severe cramping in which case they would be checking for a miscarriage. You or you doctor would do nothing different at this point if you were carrying twins or more! Good luck, I know the waiting game is a hard one to play! God bless you and your little miracle(s)! Hope everything works out.


Bella - August 1

Yep the waiting is hard. My doctor wont see me until 10 weeks (unless there is an issue) and that's ony because I am over 30. If I was younger it wouldn't be until 12 weeks. As Jamie said there is not much that they can see yet. Hold on. Time will pa__s slowly but surly. There is plenty more waiting to do.


Christina - August 21

I did five rounds of clomid. Don't think that you are having more then one. Just one round , might not do that to you. You might have been put on a low dose, like 50mg, that was what they start you out at. Then work your way up. I was on 150mg, and I'm only haveing one. I was seen at 5 weeks and again at 8 weeks. I'm a high risk. Good luck



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