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Dani - May 1

Hi. My name is Dani. I just found out that I'm pregnant! I'm four weeks, two days. I'm a little nervous bc I've had some light cramping this week. I've had three previous mc, then had to have surgery to fix the problem. Can anyone assure me that this light cramping is normal? Also looking for someone that is about as far along as me to compare notes. Thanx all!


jojo - May 1

hi again mild cramping is fine theres alot going on down there making round for baby i am 4 weeks and 4 day due jan/4/06


Dani - May 1

Dani, Hi my name is Dani too....well actually, Danielle but I go by Dani. I will be 5 wks tomorrow 05/02/05. Would love to talk with you more....


Beth - May 1

My due date is Dec. 29th. I am 5 1/2 weeks. At 4 1/2 weeks, I experienced cramping and a little brown spotting. The doctor prescribed progesterone and the bleeding and cramping stopped. I still have lower back pain thought. Something inside me tells me everything is going smoothly. I have read that light cramping is completly normal. Hope this helps.


Melony - May 2

Hi Dani! Nice to see you again. I am 4 weeks preggo as well. We chatted in the Symptoms of Pregnancy chat room. Cramping is normal. I have had it off and on all week too. My back has been bothering me as well. Do you have that book, "What to expect when you expecting"? If you don't you should pick it up. It is a great book. It has a lot of anwsers to the questions that you have. It makes you feel like, you are not the only one experiancing these symptoms. Good Luck to you! Do you know when your due? I haven't been to the doctor yet. I have an appt at the end of the month. :)


kathy - May 3

hi everyone iam 4weeks 2 days with my second child i i also had a misscarage in january and have be worried this time but i feel greatno morning sickness or anythig yet what about you lot


Christine - May 3

hi dani - are you 4 weeks from your last menstrual period or from conception?


staci - May 3

hi girls, thought I would join the thread. I m/c on 3/27 and had D&C on 3/28...come to find out last week that I am pg again and have not had an af in between so I dont know as of yet how far along I am...I have my first u/s on 5/16 which feels like eternity away. every little cramp that I have I worry and think m/c. I am glad to hear that some of you have mild cramping and that it is ok to have it. I am hoping this pg survives, it will be my 2nd pg. good luck to everyone!!!


Michelle - May 4

Hello to everyone. I'm 4 weeks 2 days preggo also. Its with my third. I have a 18 month daughter and then had a m/c on March 8. DH and i just found out yesterday. I've had some mild cramping on and off. How are any of you ladies dealing wtih the emotional end of things? I find the 1st trimester to be a bear. I'm especially fearful this time b/c of my m/c. I was 9 weeks along. Good luck to everyone! I wuold love to compare notes on a more regular basis if anyone is interested.


Chila - May 4

Hi Ladies. I just got confirmation from my Doctor today that I'm prego! I'm 4 weeks, and 1 day! I've had some very mild cramping on and off. Lots of gas and frequent weeing. My tummy sometimes feels like it tigthens up every once in a while. I noticed some white little bumps around my nipples that comes and goes. Certain odors really affect me and two days this week I've felt nauseous in the AM. But luckily no vomitting. I'm just sooo excited and still thinking I'm dreaming. It's such a wonderful reflief when you get Doctor confirmation, isn't it! Well, I look forward to sharing our experiences together. Congratulations again to all you PREGO's!!!


anya - May 5

I am 4w5d pregnant today. I am nauseau on/off, cramping most of the times, veins & sore b___sts, bad heart burn and headaches. Coming to food....nothing tastes good :( I have a Doctor appointment tomorrow.


jez - May 5

Hey ladies can i join teh club ?? i also found out just last-nite =)))


Chila - May 5

Poor Anya~ I hope you get to feeling better too. Jez~ Congratulations! How far long are you? Today I'm feeling fine. I noticed my b___bs are feeling slightly tender and noticed some light blue veins on the bottom of nipples are more apparent. I've had bad diarhea today, practically scared my poor DH to death since I took 20 minutes in the loo. My apet_te has decreased the past two days, but still always have cravings for sweets, expecially Dairy Queen Cheesequake Blizzards LOL. My tummy still tightens up every so often, but overall I'm in good spirits.


anya - May 6

Howz every one doing today? Congratulations Jez. Chila, I am sorry about diarhea. Hope u feel better soon. Gals, lately I am sleeping a lot, still I feel as if I didn't sleep enough. I used to sleep for 6 hours every day, now I am sleeping at least for 8-9 hours. Do any of you feel the same? My DH is very excited about the pregnancy. This is his first. He is a very good step-dad. His excitment is making me forget my nauseau.


Katy - May 6

Light cramping without blood should be just the uterus streching...I'm 4 weeks 3 days according to ultrasound, but 6 weeks according to my last period...but if you'd still like to compare notes I'd like that...


kathy - May 6

katy dont worry iam sure your fine iam 5 week tomororw and i keep getting period pains,i also had it with my son and he was fine just relax and enjoy being pregnant :-)


Chila - May 6

Hi Ladies! Happy Mother's Day Weekend to Us!!!! My hubby is taking me to Olive Garden (Italian) tonight for dinner to celebrate the pregnancy.. I plan on bringing along the TUMS! Hee hee... I haven't had too many diarhea issues today just a lot of GAS. Poor DH he was standing right behind me when I let out a big one.. didn't realize he was there.. ooopss.. Hee hee.. I told him it's for the baby.. so I had to do it. He just laughed and said, "Good thing I wasn't going to light that candle next to you!" Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mum's Day! We're finally in that holiday category! Yeehaw!!! Take Care and chat with you all soon.



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