4weeks And 5 Days Now Waiting Game Begins

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Mari26me - November 25

Hi everyone, my husband and I just found out we are expecting on Thursday. We are happy, but not letting ourselves get too excited, need to get past the "danger zone" first. My doctor told me our due date is July 28/08. That is so far away, I cannot even think aboout it. LoL This is our first pregnancy. Anyone else due around the same time?


jamers - November 25

First off, congrats!!! It will go by so quick for you! Next, I have a question! Does how far you are along depend on your cycle? Like, I know when you are 4 weeks along, that doesn't mean it's 4 weeks from when you BD'd does it? Because I have long cycles, had intercourse 4 weeks ago, (also more recently too) and think I may have conceived. But my lmp *NORMAL one* was Sept 23. I'm just confused. The main reason I believe I may have conceived is because twice now I've had real extremely light periods, no flow, I have not even wore a pad or tampon. It's when I wipe, but it's happened now twice, 2 weeks apart. But I'm still testing negative as of Thanksgiving morning. How would I find out how far along I should be, if I were preg?


nickia3 - November 25

i am due 7/33/08 i am excited for you this is my 4th child i also just lost a baby on 9/11 and that was really hard. i have had alot of problems with this pregnancy already the dr dont see a baby yet and i am worried but my levels are good how are your hcg levels i wish you luck


AMBER81 - November 25

hey nickia3 i am desperate for your advice or any one else .i wont stop bleeding and i am 5 1/2 wks pregnant this is my fourth pregnancy had no trouble with my others .and im so scaredi dont know how i would react if any thing has gone wrong


princess13 - November 25

I also have just found out i am pregnant, we are due on july 25/08!! I agree that it is soooo far away. We started trying for a baby last july, and have had 2 miscarriages so far. So we are really hoping for a stayer!!! Got my bloods done last week to make check out the hcg levels, get them back tomorrow. How are you feeling Mari26me? I have been a wee bit sick but not too bad.


pepperperson - November 25

Hi Mari26me! I am 4 weeks 3 days - so we're really close on that!! This is also our first!! Congrats to you! I haven't been to the dr yet....we just found out Friday.


mjvdec01 - November 25

Today I am 5 weeks and 1 day, my due date is july 26th. This is our second child. My daughter is 21 and a half months old.


JaydensMommy - November 25

Hello everyone, I am 6 weeks today. Haven't gone to the Doctor yet so don't have exact due, but I think it is around 7/20/08 or so. Congrats to all.


Mari26me - November 25

Hey everyone, congrats! Seems like most of us are due around the same time. :) Jamers, My doctor told me my due date is calculated from the 1st day of my last period. My last period was Oct 22, which makes me 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I hope that helps you. I am feeling pretty good, a bit tired, sharp twinges in my lower abdomen. Anyone else ever had those before? ALso, my b___bs are super sore. How is everyone else feeling?


princess13 - November 25

I am feeling pretty yucky, not so much that i cant cope, but sickly feeling constantly there, i get sharp twinges aswell, but from what i have heard its probably just gas!!! My b___bs are fairly sore, already grown heaps, i think i can tell that they have grown because they are usually sooooo small! I am also super tired!! Havent thrown up yet so hope it stays that way. I am 5w 3d today, bet its going to go soooo slow.....


Mari26me - November 26

Hey ladies! How is everyone feeling today? My sharp twinges stopped last night. I was reading about the twinges last night, and it is probably from the ligaments and uterus stretching to make room for the baby.


princess13 - November 26

I was suppose to get the hcg results today but the midwife wasn't in. So i have to ring back tomorrow. I'm not a big one for waiting!! Speaking of waiting, when are you all going to tell family about the pregnancy?? We have told our parents and thats it at this stage.


Mari26me - November 27

Hi, I have told my parents and inlaws about our pregnancy, I am not telling anyone else until week 12. My doctor should be calling me today with my HCG lvls. I hope they are doubling nicely.


newmomma32 - November 27

good luck to you! I am 10 weeks, and also only told close family, I am sooo excited to hit 12 weeks--I think we're all like "2nd Semester---I need you!!"


princess13 - November 27

got my levels back today, they are 4050 when i had the tests done i was 5wks i am going to get another lot done today to make sure they are doubling. Does this level sound good so far??


XxbebexX - November 29

congrats!!!!! im 4 weeks and 4 days today!!! this is my first and im excited!! i get little pains here and there sometimes it hurts bad but only for like a minutes or so nothing too serious...my BBs are getting more sore lol not fun!!! im making an appointment today...do u guys think thats a bit early or the earlier the better? lol thanks



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