53 Days Since Lmp 4 Neg Results Am I Pregnant

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missjazzyjay - February 8

ok...here's my issue. My girlfriend and I are trying to conceive and i need some advice from you guys. My lmp was 12/11/07 and i have a 35 day cycle. I'm having symptoms on and off. I've had a little bit of nausea but no vomitting and my br___t haven't really gotten bigger. now according to my calculations I would be 7 weeks pregnant. Begining on 2/2/08 I began spotting and got a little scared. I've taken 4 pg test between 1/11/08 and 1/21/08...I just gave up testing after that because it's too stressful. I usually get af every month but i havent seen her last month and now it's approaching another cycle. i should expect her in 3 day...but instead of af i received spotting for a week. It's not heavy enough for a tampon and the color ranges from pink...to brown. now it feels like i have a knot on the left side of my stomach...but i haven't been experiencing much cramping. why would I get neg test results if i'm indeed pg. i have a dr appt on tues 2/12/08 so hopefully the blood test can give me a definete answer. it's killing me to wait...i had an appt on 1/31/08 but it was cxl...causing me to wait another 2 weeks to get an answer...but i havent taken another hpt because i fear recieving another neg hpt. Has anyone recvd a neg hpt to later find out that they were indeed pg? If so, how far were you when you found out...and how many neg test did you get b 4 you got a positive? Please help...i'm scared that my baby may be in danger but until i get a pos result...i dont know if there's a baby really in there. Is there anyone out there that can relate?


missjazzyjay - February 13

can any mothers in the first trimester give me some advice? have any of u had a neg urine test but pos blood test/ ultrasound? Please offer me some encouragement


llukenjess - February 13

I'm sorry i can't help, i found that it's hard to get answers from ppl on here...but i have heard of that before. so you might be prego. just don't do things that would put your baby in danger until you find out for sure. good luck!!!


HeavenisMine - February 13

I have heard stories of women not getting positives until three months and later. It's good you're seeing a doc. I think I may be pregnant, but I have gotten five negative tests and my period is due in two days so I suppose it's too early for me. I am sick of feeling ill and tired though and want to know. Mention the bleeding to them, usually it's nothing when it's light and spotty like that but sometimes other than implantation bleeding there are things like ectopic pregnancy to look into., Best wishes, I understand your frustrations :)


missjazzyjay - February 14

Thank u so much heaven. That gives me a little hope. I'm a little scared again because i have brown spotting again and its mixed with white watery discharge


missjazzyjay - February 15

today i feel fine. just some growing pains and itchy b___st. i did blood test yesterday and i'm awaiting results. I will do u/s on monday and when i come in to work i will let u guys know if i will be joining the first tri...wish me luck


missjazzyjay - February 18

I went for u/s today. will find out results on the 27th. Blood test should be back this week. If I'm pg...make room for me in first tri!!!



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