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DEEDEE - February 18

Just went for my first u/s and Dr. said I s/b 6 1/2 wks but only measured 5 1/2 wks. Saw the sac but no heartbeat. Dr. told me to be cautiously optimistic and not to worry but HOW!? I go back in 9 days for another u/s...just scared and sad.


alaskaMommy2 - February 18

OMG! I am so sorry! I don't know what to tell you, Only to think positive until you have a sure reason not to. Try to ease your mind as best you can until your next appointment, I"m not POSITIVE, but i thought that this early it's not always so easy to find a heartbeat. That's only a week different, you could have been off on calculating when you conceived easily, I hope & wish you the best, you & your baby will be in my prayers. Have you been to yahoo answers?? you could ask this question there & probably get a lot of feedback...... I love it there! Good Luck!


Chris1975 - February 18

Hi...im confused why your dr would say you "should be" 61/2wks when hes clearly doing a dating viability u/s to find out dates (the main reason for doing a u/s before 12wks is for that reason). Being a week out is totally normal as many women ovulate later than a 28 day cycle. I was 10 days off with both my pregnancies and had the exact scenario you did with what I saw on the u/s, and when i went back 2 weeks later , i could see the babys hb and everything was fine. The first time was just a sac and nothing else as Id been too early. Dont let these medics scare you...its too early for them to presume anything. As long as the dr saw that the sac was in the uterus and implanted correctly, to rule out ectopic, then it sounds like a happy and healthy , albeit early :) , pregnancy. Best of luck and hope to hear good news soon.


mand - February 18

Deedee I was in exactly the same boat 2 weeks back when I had an early u/s after some spotting (which I am still experiencing now and freaking out about until my next scan). I thought I was 7 weeks at the time but scan showed only a ges sac and yolk sac and doc suggested i was maybe 5 1/2 weeks. Actually they saw two sacs both with yolk sacs (twins) but one was misshaped (d/h said it looked fried egg shaped - I was too scared to look at screen). I am going back tomorrow week for my next scan and like I said am freaked out. Like anyone I just want spotting to stop and to see a heart beat. But doc said scan was promising (for one) and told me to try not to get hopes up about other. I totally understand you worrying and it's so nice to have forums like this to turn to because nobody else can really understand just how freaked out you get. Docs say to relax that nature will take is course but I find it impossible!!! Even if it's just 5 1/2 weeks it's your baby all the same.


Katieface - February 19

Do not stress! The exact same thing happened to me. My cycle was longer than they thought so when I went for my 6 week scan I was only 5 weeks and there was nothing - 10 days later and all ok - heartbeat pumping away! Stay positive :)


amstreet - February 21

I'm scheduled to have a 5 week ultrasound next week (I did ivf) and the doctor warned me that I would not see a heartbeat yet. It is way too early (even though some people on message boards say they see them.) Do not worry! Many people don't see a heartbeat until about 7 weeks.



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