5 6 Weeks Pregnat And No Pole

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Charlie Lenz - December 26

My wifew and i found out that she was pregnat just after thanksgiving. We went in last week for the first ultra sound. There was no pole! The dr. said we should get the "procedure" and gave us some pills to insert in my wife, and we said wait!!. So we went in 48 hours later (last thursday) we spent the whole chrismass holiday in anxiety. The dr. want us to do a d/c this wens., With a double look on tues.(tommorow). We found another doctor and are not going to do d/c. My wifes levels are at 46000 ( according to the lab test) and we think we at 6 weeks pregnat. The doctor did not tell us how long we are, she just said we are young and we will get pregnat again, why is she rushing us? We are going to a new obgyn tommorow, and maybe old saint nick brought something special for chrisgtmass, Confused and what too do? Charlie


Patti - December 26

Charlie, I just posted on another thread to check out www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com Amazing stories full of inspiration and hope there. Don't be rushed, if your gut is telling you to wait. Good luck and God Bless!


Allyson - December 27

my doc said the same thing to me i was 5weeks 6 days but i went bacc a week later and they seen the "pole" or baby... i was sooo scared but they found him/her they were just too small to be seen b4 good luck and hope everything turns out for the best!


j - December 28

Holy cow!!!! that is WAY to EARLY to know ANYTHING! DEFINATELY get a second opinion before doing anything. I can't believe the doc is wanting to do something this early... I went through the same thing, I had a sac but nothing in it at 6 weeks - they had me hold off until 8 weeks and go back to have it looked at. Needless to day, I am 26 weeks along with a perfectly healthy little boy... As long as there isn't any cramping or bleeding, please, get a second opinion and let more time go by!


happymommy - December 28

Please go with your gut and wait. If there is a problem your body will take care it naturally. I would not have a D&C. Please wait. 46000 is a good level of hcg for 6 weeks. My level was 3500 at 7 weeks and the ultrasound showed a healthy baby. Unfortunately I lost the baby. The doc suggested a D&C due to low levels, but after the ultrasound he changed his tune. I mc natrually with no complications. Please wait. You will be second guessing yourself the rest of your life if you agree to the procedure. Lots of baby dust. I hope your little bean is a sticky one.


Erin - January 2

I saw an empty sac at 5 wks 3 days and saw a baby measuring right for dates with hearbeat just one week later at 5 wks 3 days. A week can make a huge difference at this stage. Wait, although I know it isn't easy.


louise1710 - January 10

whats the pole????


LoriLea - February 3

At my first US I thought I was 7 weeks. However, the doctor measured me at 5 weeks and 2 days. The sac was there. However, nothing in it. I had my hcg level drawn and it was 14, 568. I will have my next hcg drawn in 2 more days. I just hope it has risen! I will also have another US on 2/14/06. I will then be 7 weeks. I hope my little peanut is in the sac! This wait is unbearable!



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