5 Week 2 Days Ultrasound Just Saw Gestational Sac Normal

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RyanswifeAllie - January 15

Hi there--- I'm really nervous, I've had a miscarriage before.....so, with this new pregnancy, doctor wanted to do an ultrasound. We went in today at 5 weeks 2 days and we saw a gestational sac, but nothing else. Is this normal? I'm very very scared!!!!!! Please help! So far, HCG has been more than doubling. Last Friday it was 3,014


kelley - January 15

Allie, I was just gonna come looking for you, we had not talked in awhile. this is normal... what I was told by my OB is that they cannot get a heartbeat with the u/s machines until at the very least 5wks5days. So you are a little early, also if you o'd a little later than you thought you are further out still... did they try to date the pregnancy? I know that my OB did not want to do my u/s until after 7 weeks to insure that there was a heartbeat, and that they could better date everything. Have they scheduled you for another u/s. I would say that if your HCg looks good for where you are... don't worry, i know that is hard to say, I understand exactly where you are at. I have to go to the OB tomorrow, I will be 11w2d. Good luck. ~kelley


RyanswifeAllie - January 15

Kelley! Thank you so much! They said the sac was measuring about 5 weeks 5 days....and I'm about 5 weeks 2 days according to LMP. So the sac is right, just nothing inside it yet. Thank you so much! I'm just so nervous. I wish I had never had an ultrasound today. They will do a blood test on Wednesday and then I will know. When did you have your ultrasound?


kelley - January 15

My u/s was at 7 wks 2 days and they only saw a blob of a baby (we call it the m&m) and the yolk sac... did you see your doctor, my doc said that everything was great... when I m/c in Aug, we had a heartbeat at 6wks 1 day and the doc said that there was some suspicious stuff in the u/s and wanted to see me again in a week... when we went back there was nothing... this time the u/s was very different... the u/s tech did not look at some of the same things... so I knew that that along with the heartbeat of 140 - 150 bpm and good measurements that things were going to be alright... I have my u/s pics posted on my flickr site... w w w (dot) .flickr.com/photos/jeff_seyller/ if you would like to look at them. Good Luck!


MAT - January 15

I am now 28 weeks pregnant - I had the same situation at 5 weeks (plus bleeding!) I was so scared because I had a miscarriage earlier this year. At 6 weeks, they were still not sure about the status, but by 7 weeks the heartbeat looked fine. Bleeding stopped at 8 weeks. Remember - around 6 weeks is when the heartbeat normally begins...it won't regularize to the desired numbers for a bit after it starts. Good luck!


RyanswifeAllie - January 15

Kelley! My gestational sac looked exactly the same shape as yours (not perfectly round, but like yours) except there wasn't a yolk sac or baby, so I hope that in a week or so there will be something!! Thank you so much! MAT THANK YOU for replying! So, at 5 weeks, you just had a sac too? Thank you!


kelley - January 16

Good Luck girl and keep me posted... if you ever need to find me I am on the We Are Due In August thread almost every day.


margie - January 16

i just had an ultrasound done yesterday and i am at 6w2 days lmp...they only saw a sac and it measured at 4 weeks. they didn't say anything except my dates must be wrong but i know thats not true since i tested positive 2 weeks ago...i have another ultrasound in 2 weeks...no one seemed too concerned yet, i think this happens sometimes in early ultrasounds, they are not totally accurate i am a__suming until a bit later on because i have heard of this happening with other people...try not to worry, i know exactly how you feel though, this next 2 weeks is gonna be hard!


Marie6549 - January 16

I'm currently 13w 4d and have been lucky to have had 4 u/s so far. Not for any problems, the first u/s was at 6w and so we paid for a private scan as I was too worried to wait a further 6 weeks and all you could see at that stage was my circular uterus and a kidney bean shaped gestational sac - nothing else. This put my mind at ease a little bit as at least it wasn't ectopic. My next u/s was at 7w and we saw everything but the heartbeat. At the 9w u/s we saw the heartbeat and it was soooo incredible!


jen327 - January 16

Allie, hi, the HCG doubling is great news, you are probably ok to relax about the sac thing. I had an u/s at 5w 5d and no baby just a sac and not even a yolk sac. At 6w 2d they saw a tiny blob. In fact when I talked to my OB later about it they said it would be uncommon if you saw something that early. It does not mean the embryo is not there, it is just to early to see with the u/s technology. Will your OB let you go back? Mine said wait 10 days. Good luck and try to relax. I know it is hard.


RyanswifeAllie - January 18

Hey there! Thanks so much for all of your support! The doctor wants to do another ultrasound on Tuesday which would be 6 weeks, 3 days, but I still think that's gonna be early and I don't want to go! I mean, Marie said they didn't see the heartbeat until 9 weeks! Do you think it's okay to ask to push it back another week? I don't want to have unneeded worry, you know? I feel better hearing what you all said about not seeing the heartbeat until later!!! That's great news! THANKS


kelley - January 18

Allie, I guess that you could wait, but by 6w3d you should be able to hear a heartbeat if you are pretty sure of the conception date and LMP date... are they close to being the same for the age of the pregnancy...oops I just read in you earlier post that the baby is actually measuring father than you thought...I would say to keep the u/s and see what happens... as Jen said... I think that the fact that you are doubling the HCG is great and a very good sign. Good Luck girl!!! Keep me informed!


foxymomma - January 18

I'm going through the same thing - today I had my first ultrasound after light spotting last week and an hCG level of 10,417 on Tuesday. I am suppose to be 6 weeks but the ultrasound shows 5 weeks, 2 days. We only saw the sac and yolk - no baby. I keep reading on the internet and in books that we should have seen the heartbeat and baby by now but all the posting on this site speak differently about it. I believe you all before I believe those websites now. Just looking for some comfort - my next ultrasound is in two weeks - not sure I'm going to make it that long. I'm worried about the possibilty of a blighted ovum. but that comes from me, not the doctor. Thanks so much -


DownbutnotOUT - January 19

I had a u/s at 4 weeks and 5 days and the u/s tech saw nothing, no sacs of any kind nothing but a little bit of fluid in my pelvis. I came back 2 weeks later and there was everything gest. sac, yok sac, fetal pole, and a nice strong heartbeat. I was suppose to be 6 weeks and 5 days baby showed only 6 weeks 2 days, the tech said it can go 5 days either way, by my 13 week u/s baby was measuring exactly. I have had my scares with spotting and cramping in the 1st tri and Im getting them again at 19 weeks 5 days. i know my wee one is a fighter and has a nice strong heartbeat and good kicks. Having a baby is so nerve racking especially with all these u/s stories everyone is different. im sure ryanswife you will see your peanut next u/s with a good heartbeat and the same for you foxymomma. take care ladies.



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