5 Week Sonogram

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mfawthrop - February 23

I was having some light bleeding and cramping so the Dr. did a sonogram. He said the my cervix was hard and closed and that they did see a sac but there was nothing inside. It measured 5 wks 2 days. Is that normal?


tina - February 28

could be normal. most of the time, you can't see anything that early.


Dawn - February 28

A gestational sac and the beginning of a yolk sac should be visible around 5 weeks. A lot of changes are taking place right now, and a week makes a huge difference. The bleeding (no matter how light) and cramping would concern me, but I only say this because I've had 3 miscarriages, so any spotting or bleeding worries me, but my Dr says that this is normal is the first timester. Your Dr. can see in the u/s if the bleeding is occuring around the gestational sac. If it is not, then there's generally no worry (unless it's heavy with cramping). Best Wishes to you!!


hrd - February 28

I had a very early songram myself. I think at the time I was 4.6 weeks. As soon as the Dr. noticed my chart at how early I was he quickly told me that we wouldn't probably see anything. He was right I COULDN'T, however, he was able to tell that my bood vessels were all coming together like they shoud and he could see the beginning of my amniotic sack. Don't worry about the heart beat or not even seeing a little tiny "dot" like some women claim they saw everyone is different and you were still very early.


mfawthrop - March 2

thanks for the info..went back today another sono and they saw a heart beat..however now he is freaking out about the hcg levels because they did not double in 48 hours.....i'm so confused some sights say don't worry about levels and he is concerned that they did not double????he wants another sono in 1 week. how frustrating...can anyone relate?


Atika - May 10

My last preiod come in feb 21 and now i m only 8 week pregnant doc said my period was not regular thats y ?this is normal



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