5 Week Symptons

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Julianna - January 24

To all the ladies who are 5 weeks - What were your symptons?? I am very very tired, My br___ts are sore. I am having odd sensations in my abdomen area. Any of you experience the same??


Been There - January 24

I had the same around 4-5 weeks. It can vary though with each person. Pray you only keep those symptoms and gain no more. They are mild compared to the m/s.


Autumn2006 - January 24

Yes, When was your last period?


1st timer - January 24

I am about 5 weeks as well and not really tired but my breats are really sore and i'm having odd twinges in my lower abdomen and some lower back pain. I think these are all normal.


SuzieQ - January 24

I'm 4w2d and not noticing much besides feeling tired. And hungry. Very hungry.....


Sissy - January 25

at 5 weeks I had a lot of lower back cramps, sore bbs,loads of cm,and extreme tiredness....now I am 7 weeks and I still have all except the cramps but have morning sickness.


beccaboyle - January 25

i had the same


Deb - January 25

I had no symptoms until 6 weeks and then m/s and fatigue hit me like a brick.


eva2340403 - January 25

Julianna! thank you so much for starting this thread! I am 5 1/2 weeks and yes I have sore bbs and am very tired. hungry all the time and go to the bathroom alot. no m/s yet. we have very similiar symptoms. :)


caz - January 27

Hi Julianna, I am exactly the same as you. Breasts so sore I can't lie on my stomach, odd twinges in the abdomen and tired. No hunger yet.... :)


Miranda - January 27

Hello Julianna, Well I'm having all the same symptoms as you except with one more just some pain in my lower back lately


carrierae - February 1

severe bloating. It was in my 3rd week that it started and has been off and on since. I mean major bloating! i have been trying to eat healthy, but have been craving


gcmickens - February 1

Hi girls! I already have several: lower back pain (right around the tailbone area, a sort of burning sensation - what IS that????), nausea, fatigue, dizziness sometimes if I get up too quickly, irritability/oversensitivity, and of course the dreaded "impossible-to-satisfy-appet_te argh!


3sacrowd - February 2

You are telling me at 5 weeks allthe fatigue, sickness, back pain, and b___st tenderness hit. Its my third time and this is a first for most of this.


mirelle - February 2

I am 5 weeks and 3 days . The symptoms I have is odd twinges in my abdomen and slight cramps on my right side around my ovaries.A lot of people tell me that maybe the baby is on that side. . and increase cervical mucus and my b___sts are also sore.


mblevins - February 3

My name is Meggan. I am very "sick" feeling though I haven't actually got sick yet. Thats about all........


BJB - February 4

Hey ladies. I am 5 weeks and 3 days also. Occasional sore b___sts and I seem to be vary between being really hungry and not fancying food at all. Lots of cm and very sore back on and off for the last week - anyone else had this? Sometimes it's my lower back and sometimes it's higher up.



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