5 Weeks 6 Days Anyone

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staci - May 17

Hi, just wondering if anyone out there is at the same stage as I am? I went yesterday for u/s to determine how far along I am, b/c I had a m/c in March and no af in between. she said I measured at 5w5d and we saw the gestational sac and yolk sac but she said we were like 24 hours too early to see the heartbeat and scheduled us to come back next monday to check for a heartbeat...am nervous that something may go wrong this time too. anyone else had this happen?


shelbi - May 17

well, i'm not 5w6d, but i'm 5w4d. :) i have my first appt. on june 13.. i kind of want to go earlier than that, but they don't really do anything until 8-10w. i haven't been in your situation, but i hope all goes well. :D


Ashley - May 17

I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and i have already had two ultrasounds done! today they heard the babies heartbeat. the woman who did the ultrasound said she was very surprised to hear one so early, so I wouldn't worry too much =). It may just be too early.


Patricia - May 18

Im 5w5days. I have been asking my OB for an ultrasound but apparently, they schedule one at around 8 weeks cuz they cant hear a viable heartbeat this early.


m - May 18

Hi guys, Well I am also due on Jan 6, I had an ultra sound done on May 5th and all we saw was a sac a week later another ultrasound and saw the heartbeat so it may just depend and maybe too early:) I had a misscarriage at 11 wks in Dec, this pregnancy seems to be going alot better, I started having problems early on last time. So stay positive and looks like alot of babies in Jan:)))


Melissa - May 18

I am almost 6 weeks too! Have had 2 m/c in a year, the first one was awful... went for u/s and no heartbeat at 6 weeks. Had D&C 2 days later. Now I am nervous b/c ppl on this site are saying that it is not uncommon to not see a heart beat at 6-7 weeks??? Did I do the wrong thing??? 2nd m/c not as bad, very early and it was natural. Now I am pregnant again and haven't told anyone besides my husband b/c I am SO afraid of another m/c. I have a u/s scheduled for next Thurs (5/26) to check for heartbeat... I can say one thing - I won't be so quick to abort if there is no heartbeat this time, I'll ask for another u/s in another week or so! Staci, I am wondering if you are from the U.S... or anyone else out there b/c maybe this whole looking for a heartbeat thing at 6 weeks is just a silly U.S. thing. It does rea__sure me though to know that I might see a heartbeat this time. But I am really trying to be optimistic (sorry to sound so pessimistic), I want this baby SO bad! I am 29 and my husband is 33 and this would be our first. Wish me luck!!!


staci - May 18

melissa and everyone, I am with you, I too m/c with my first so we are anxiously awaiting good news with this pg. my last one, I was already spotting by this time so I am hopnig that b/c no spotting now that is a good sign...fingers crossed. It is so hard having gone through a loss to be so positive about another pg, I wish I was just blissfully pg and no worries. I am hoping to see the heartbeat next week, although it still worries me b/c last time we saw the heartbeat at 6w2d and m/c 3 days later...so say prayers for us as I am for all of you to have healthy babies!!!


bump - May 19




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