5 Weeks How Should I Be Feeling

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knightal418 - March 28

I am 5 weeks pregnant - this is my first. How should I be feeling? When should I start feeling sick?


Kim L - March 28

Hi knightal: every pregnancy is different, so there really is no right or wrong way to feel. You may feel sick or you may not - if you don't, all the better for you! I have been throwing up every day for the last 6 weeks and I'm just plain sick of it! ;-) A lot of women who get nauseas start feeling it anytime between about 5 and 9 weeks. But some women breeze through pregnancy and barely notice a difference. I hope it is a really enjoyable experience for you!


LINZ - March 30

Hi, I am also around 5-6 weeks pregnant with my first and I am petrified! I feel a little sick in the mornings, however I haven't actually been sick as yet. I find that I only feel sick if I don't eat, so I am sitting here with a load of fruit to keep the nausea at bay lol! Don't think everyone is 'supposed' to feel sick or in any inparticular way. How are you feeling? : )


knightal418 - March 30

I feel ok. Some light cramping. I have not felt sick yet, and am only a little bit tired. I have an appointment on the 26th of April. I can hardly wait.


LINZ - March 31

Well you should be thanking your lucky stars hun - my nausea is terrible lol! I am also having slight cramping, which scares me a little! I have my apt on 20th April - I can't wait to find out exactly how far along I am etc. I reckon around 5-6 weeks.


knightal418 - March 31

From what I have read cramping is usual. It is hard not to worry though! I am hoping that I dont get m/s!


Dee - March 31

I dont really have any symptoms either so dont feel bad. I don really feel sick or have sore bb's. But I am bloated like crazy as the day progress I feel so huge. When do you first see your Dr.


ms.keenya - March 31

I am 6 weeks and I am just now starting to feel really nauseated. I did notice last week that I was my stomach was hurting, I just thought it was bad food. But monday I found out I as pregnant, so I guess that was a sign, I did notice I was getting alot more tired lately. So I guess it all depends on you and your body.


knightal418 - April 3

My appointment is at 9 weeks. The told me they would not see me until 10 weeks, but miscalculated my appointment date... I wasn't going to correct them! I cant wait! I still do not have any m/s, but my b___bs are very tender and sore and I am starting to feel really tired. I also feel bloated and I swear my stomach sticks out more!


tndrlvn - April 5

Hi Ladies, I am 5 1/2 weeks prego, and have many symptoms. slight mornin sickness, very tender brests, VERY VERY VERY TIRED. craving healthy food, which is a good thing becusae i need that hehehe. i have been getting crampin and lower left back and hip pain. I went for another blood test today to make sure my HCG level is doubling like it should be, I was 405 last wednesday, tomorrow will be one week. Hopefully it will be way up there like it should be. I am pretty sure everythign is going ok. but i still have concerns because i M/C last Aug. and have been trying to concieve for 2 years now. Wish me luck. and hope all goes well with everyone see you all later


Perl - April 5

Knightal: I agree with Kim L, pregnancy is different for every woman and even one woman can feel different from one pregnancy to the next. I'm 7 weeks now and the symptoms I felt up until a week ago were cramping, tender b___sts, and fatigue. Then last week all of a sudden the nausea set in-- some days are worse than others. This week, certain foods that I normally love are making me feel like vomiting and I easily sob at movies when normally I would rarely cry while watching a movie. Some women though don't feel all or any of these things. Know if you go through any of the above that it is normal but if you don't that's normal too. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!


mamamama - April 5

Hi, I am currently 5 weeks 4 days. Yesterday I went in for my u/s and tehy found only sac. the tech told me that its normal not to see fetus and heartbeat so early. I was happy as my gyn coudn't even see sac the previous day which is why she asked me to go to u/s dept. I am now worried if i will have blighted ovum becoz i had the same thing last year and after that i concieved now. So far i have only sore b___bs and no other symptom. I don't feel very tired. I am not as active as before but that could be that i purposefully try to lie down. its not that my system is not allowing me to.. please help me..do you guys think this is normal..should i be feeling extremely tired. I don't have nausea either.


Kim L - April 6

mama: I know it is worrisome, especially after having suffered a miscarriage before, but try to take heart in what we're all saying. Every pregnancy is totally different, and as Perl said, even different for the same woman from pregnancy to pregnancy. Just because you are not experiencing strong symptoms right now doesn't mean that you have a blighted ovum or that you will miscarry. (And that's not to say you won't ever get symptoms by the way - you're not yet 6 weeks even, they'll be lots of time for them to kick in!) Some women have literally no symptoms except they're not getting their period and they do great. Other women start throwing up at 5 weeks and they still go on to miscarry. There's no formula. Your follow up ultrasound will tell you lots more, and it sounds like there has already been some growth even in the last day. It is still early - don't worry just yet! xxoo


eclipse - April 7

I didn't really start feeling my morning sickness until about a week ago. (I'm 8 weeks). It has made up for lost time however. My early weeks were mostly filled with b___st sensitivity, bloating, fatigue, and random miscellaneous light cramping or twinges. You may be lucky knightal, and not get the morning sickness, but it sounds as if you have EVERYTHING else. I had a late appointment like you but had to go in early for spotting (everything is ok and we have a heartbeat.) I learned at my ultrasound that my uterus was tilted far to the left, which was why I kept having left side pain, which I didn't know that it could tilt sideways. I wish someone had told me that so I wasn't so worried in the beginning. I wish you all the best and keep us posted!


tndrlvn - April 8

Good Mornin all, just thought i would give you an update, i went to the dr. yesturday for an HCG test, jsut to make sure all is well with baby. I went from 405 last week to 6058 this week,.... YAAAAAAAAAAY ME. Dr. says being over 6000 mark, gives me a better chance of not miscarring. that sure makes a person relieved to hear something like that. Mind you I have been taking it very easy, resting alot. But he also said due to my previous miscarriages he wants me to go to an early Ultrasound........I get to see the baby in 11 days!!!!!! I can't wait. I thought I'd have a few months to wait. Very excited. Wish you all well. let me know how all is going.



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