5 Weeks And 4 Days But No Symptoms

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ttc_#1 - December 2

Hi All, I am 5 weeks and 4 days prego and i have no symptoms anymore... I had a little spotting at 5 weeks.. only when i wiped.. just a drop...Nruse did blood work at 5 weeks and HCg was 3935. Nurse said it was looking good and was at the right level and din't want to do another blood test... she scheduled an ultrasound for 10th Dec... I have no symptoms anymore... i am a lil scared... anybody else who din't have any symptoms and everything was fine?


Mari26me - December 2

Hi ttc?_#1, I am 5 weeks and 5 days and only have sore b___sts. It is normal not to have many symptoms, if any, before 6 weeks. There are even some women who never gets symptoms, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones. :) If ur HCG lvl's are going up nicely, then don't worry right now. I know if it hard not to worry this early one, I am sooooo guilty of it too! lol . :)


ttc_#1 - December 2

Thanks Mari26me...its a lil rea__suring to hear that...


cubbie - December 2

Hi, I'm almost 7 weeks and no symptoms, I really worried at first, because this is not my first pregnancy (I have 2 daughters) and usually I'm throwing up and exhausted from the very beginning, but now I feel great. My obgyn told me that it's really nothing to worry about and that every pregnancy is different, but I have noticed that the last couple of days I've started to get irritated more easily!


ttc_#1 - December 2

Thanks cubbie... good luck to u


nola-gal - December 2

hi and congrats. this is my first pg too. i didn;t have any symptoms except tiredness till about 5.5 weeks. then came the sore b___bs. then the nausea at 6 weeks, some nausea. it's going away now. i'm almost 8 weeks, and i hope i don;t get any worse. hey as long as your levels are good, you;re fine! enjoy it!


XxbebexX - December 2

im 5 weeks today and i dont really have anymore symptoms either...only a little tired and sore b___sts...tjats it


dyarcho - December 5

I am 8 1/2 weeks and i really dont feel much symptoms, my b___sts may be a litle sore, and feel a bit heavier. but i have not had any morning sickness. or cravings. i have spotted here and there and bled a couple times. i go for another ultrasound dec 11



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