5 Weeks And First Time Preggers

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ElizabethAnn - March 23

Hey everyone, My name is Liz, and im 23 years old! I am 5 week pregnant and soooo excited! Would love to chat with anyone who is going through their first pregnancy too! Or anyone else! would love some support! (friends havent been to supportive) Thanks all!!!!


hazelnut07 - March 23

Hi Elizabeth, I recently found out that I am pregnant- first pregnancy. Baby due during thanksgiving, I am kinda worried about doctors going on vacation..haha. Congratulation to you:)


ElizabethAnn - March 24

Congratulations to you too!!!! hehe i never though about the doctors being gone on vacation around that time!!!! now im gunna worry about it too!!! hehe


lashes92 - March 24

Congrats to you both! I'm 29 & pg for the second time but this is still baby #1. I had a m/c last year & am finally pg after a year of trying! I'm pretty excited. Due date is November 12th. how about you?!


18wbabynov - March 24

hey girlies! so, friends havent been all that supportive... with me either... kinda' brings me down... so i know that boat... but this is my first pregnancy too. i go in on monday to find out exactly how far along i am. im guessing 7 or 8 weeks?! but who knows! CONGRATS!!! be excited!


ElizabethAnn - March 24

Hey all!!!! Congrats to everyone!!!! I have my first doc appt on tuesday and i'm super nervous!!! but im sure everything will be ok!!! lashes92 congrats to you!!! wow a whole year of trying!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!


stacie23 - March 27

Hi, liz! I'm 23 as well! and 5 weeks pregnant. I go to the dr. tomorrow!! I'm worried about the friend thing. we've only told my parents...and after we get the ok from the dr. well tell the rest of our family.. most of my friends are not at all wanting kids right now.. I'm so excitied and we were trying for 6months! I can't wait to be a mom! And my husband and I will still be young when our kids are in university! that was important to us!


angelamarils - March 27

Hi Liz and Stacie, i too am 23 years old and expecting my first baby. My husband and i are exctatic we tried for 2 months and got pregnant, wasn't expecting it to work that fast but we are very happy. would love to chat with you both, i am due on November 24th.


stacie23 - March 27

hi angela, congrats! we are due the same wk! very exciting?? has your dr. said anything about an ultrasound yet? I'll find out what my dr. want to do tomorrow!


angelamarils - March 27

nope nothing about an ultrasound yet. My next appointment is on May 4th. I would think we will probably do it then. I just came back from the dr's today. I had a little bit of spotting, so i went and had urine test done. I really dont think it is anything sounds like implantation bleeding, i wouldn't even call it bleeding it was light pink then turned brown almost right away and is gone now. Have you had any spotting?


ElizabethAnn - March 27

hey all!!! Stacie i have my first apt tomorrow too!!!! I'm sure everythign will go great for the both of us!!!!! I've been feeling really good lately, no sign of m/s yet which makes me soooooo happy!!! Congrats to everyone.!!! im due nov 21!!! we should all keep in touch since we are all due around the same time!!!!!


ElizabethAnn - March 27

If any of you wanna chat and have a aol screen name, mine is Miidniight47, or Google mail is [email protected]!


knightal418 - March 28

I al just 5 weeks pregnant - due November 28th. Doctor will not even see me until the first week of May - guess that is normal. This is my first, so I really don't know what to expect. What are the rest of you feeling like? Has anyone started getting sick?


stacie23 - March 28

hi girls... I just got back form the dr.. and had a blood test for a bunch of things, good news.. I asked my dr. about when is a good time to tell people, and she said that because of my age and my healthy lifestyle that she said you have little to no risk of a m\c!!!! good news! I hope shes right! and my due date is Nov 30th! my dr. want to see me last week of april. so now I start my hunt for a midwife..my sis in law had a midwife and said it was an great experince! but she was brave and gave birth at home.. I'll definetly be having my baby in the hospital. Angela: no I haven't had any spotting.. and I no nausea yet, just picky eating..only bland food..


Dee - March 28

Hi I am 5 weeks with #1 due date 11/30. My 1st Dr. appt. is April 14th. What will happen at this Dr. appt? Should DH go?


ElizabethAnn - March 28

Hello Dee!! Congratulations to you!!!!! I'm 6 wks now and due on Nov 1st!!! I just had my first doctors apt today, it went really well, but thought they'd do more than they did, and didnt ask me to many questions either. I had a pap, a pelvic exam, and an ultra sound, that's about it, and she gave me a form to go get a blood test between now and my next apt next month.. and that was it!!! went really well, i was nervous about nothing!!! Kinda worried about my doctor though, she almost sent me home without prenatal vitimans, i had to run back and ask her for them!!!! oh well, maybe she was just having an off day!!!! and i would bring your dh with you!! i brought mine. but if you feel confortable by yourself and dont need him there, he wont miss out on much!!! i just like having mine with me i get so nervous when it comes to the doctors.. sorry sooo long!


ElizabethAnn - March 28

opps typo! due Nov 21!!! not the 1st ;-)



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