5 Weeks And No Morning Sickness Normal

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AD - November 18

I was just wondering...I am 5 weeks pg, and haven't experienced any morning sickness...actually the only symptoms I've had are light cramping, moodiness, change in appet_te ( just not as hungry, but I still eat), br___ts are very sore, and I am very sleepy/tired a lot.....but again, no morning sickness. Just wondering if i am kidding myself and its right around the corner, or is there a possibility that I won't even get it?? Just curious. Thanks!!


Regina - November 18

Mine did not start until seven weeks, and I thought I was going to avoid it. So, who knows? I am ten weeks now and still getting naseous.


Eesha - November 18

I was exactly like you at five weeks, then at five weeks 3 days wham!! The nausea started, so if doesn't arrive you're very lucky.


Ashley - November 18

I am 6wks and 2days and I haven't had any type of sickness yet. Just cramps, sore b___sts and irritability: )


Dia - November 18

I am with Regina...on the first day of my 7th week I began throwing up - it hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't even know I was pregnant until after 5 weeks as I had NO symptoms...but now I have been fight nausea for 4 weeks and it is awful! Hopefully you won't get it! Good luck!


DENISE - November 19



Deb - November 20

I am 6w4d and I just started getting nausea about two days ago. Count your blessings while you have them. I haven't thrown up, but I have felt like I was going to and spent most of yesterday lying on the couch hoping it would go away!


angelbaby - November 20

I am 13 weeks and have had no morning sickness! It happens!


ally - November 21

not everyone gets morning sickness, i didnt


Tillie - November 21

I felt just like you at 5 weeks. But when week 7 hit, the constant nausea swept in and it was unbearable. Now I'm almost 11 weeks and I'm still sick! I envy the women who aren't suffering from this. It affects my work, my sleep, and my general excitement about the pregnancy. I'm just praying it subsides in a few weeks...


l - November 21

I'm 24 weeks now and was blessed and had no morning sickness. You may be lucky, AD! :)


Mel - November 21

With my first I was fine until 7 weeks and then sick til 14 weeks, pg with the second now and have been sick since the conception date! 9 weeks now and hoping it goes away at 14 like last time!! Don't wish it on yourself.. its awful!


CJ - November 21

I thought the same thing at 5 and even 6 weeks. I was a little worried that I didn't really have any symptoms b/c I didn't even have the sore b___sts. However, the mornings sickness hit at about 6.5 to 7 weeks in full force. I'm still not throwing up but I feel like throwing up all day long! From what I have read most people get it at about 6-7 weeks. I hope for your sake you don't have it but I wouldn't count it out yet!


Tina - November 21

With my 1st child (boy) I never got sick and never really had nausea. Smells bothered me real bad though. I was a bit tired and the b___bs hurt and grew big fast and I was peeing all the time! I felt so good early on in my pregnancy that I would cry and be nervous that I wasn't really pg cause everyone that was around me that was pg on the same time line was throwing up a lot. I asked to hear the heart beet a couple of times (not scheduled to have a visit) just needed some rea__surance that I was still pg and all was well. This was a great pregnancy! Then, I was pg with my second (girl) and was so sick and throwing up until into my 5 month. I also got sick with head colds and the flu on top of being pg and having morning sickness (at all times of the day-it would very). I remember reading somewhere that with boy pregnancies your hormones tend to rise more gradule and with girl pregnancies they tend to peak fast and then level out. Pregnancy hormones cause you to become sick. Though this may have been "text book" reason for me, my mom on the other hand had three girls and none of them were the same! Go figure, huh:)


Tiffani - November 24

I am so glad you asked this question. I am also 5 weeks and have no sickness. I was really worried until I read all of the responses. Best of luck! When is your due date? :)


Jo - November 26

I just came on the forum to explore your exact question. I am 6 weeks tomorrow and I havnt felt sick yet either. A very occasional very mild wave of nausea.. but nothing else. I have just got really sore b___bs as well and i can "feel" my uterus.. its not crampy just kinda achy with a presence.


Lee-Jones - November 27

Hi... We just took a HPT Thanksgiving morning (+). We just decided to start ttc last week and our little bun was already in the oven. I have sign similar to yours. I kept the test, so every day I look at it to be sure that I am not crazy. I have very little patience with my husband, I don't eat much and I feel bloated all the time. I think you're just fine :o)



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