5 Weeks And Showing Already

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concerned - October 15

i am 5 weeks and in maternity clothes! is something wrong with me?


teresa - October 15

i am almost 8 weeks and in maternity clothes too. This is my first child. I have actually only gained 3 pounds but my pants or shirts wont fit. I wondering is there is something wrong with me too.. hah.. im 19, how old are you


concerned - October 15

i'm 33. yeah, I'm an old lady. LOL. this is my 3rd child. first at age 26, second at age 31. this is the last. people look at me and say they think i'm carrying twins. maybe i'm showing so soon since it is a 3rd pregnancy. or hell, maybe it is twins! oh well, just more to love.


k - October 15

i was showing at 4 weeks. i thought something was wrong with me, too. i had twins. maybe you are too.


E - October 15

I answered you on the same thread you posted in another forum.


Heidi - October 15

I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant. My pants are getting very tight on me!!!! I talked to my doctor thinking it was fluid and he said no! He said try to eat smaller meals. He said that I should not be gaining any weight at this time. It seemed like I gained 5 pounds when I first became pregnant. I have been weighing myself and the scale has not changed. Who knows my scale may be broken. I go for my next check up in 1 1/2 weeks. I can see how people are wearing maternity clothes early. You don't think it will ever happen because you are not far at this point, but I guess we are actually experiencing this!!!! Let's get a walking club going! LOL.


concerned - October 17

Thanks E, I saw your answer in the other forum. I try to post in more than one spot so I can get all the feedback I can. And Heidi, I am all about that walking club!!!! I am treating pregnancy like a free ticket to all-you-can-eat meals. I know I'll regret it, but I can't help it.


momof two - October 22

I'm now pregnant with my third..I am 9 weeks pregnant and very much into maternity clothes..I'm glad to hear I'm not alone..


Julie - November 4

I am 9 weeks with my second child and showing too . My b___st are a cup size larger already. I am in maternity clothes already. Could it be twins?


sangs - November 6

I'm only two weeks and showing...mhy tum is a bit swollen and I feel a tightness around my lower belly...has anybody else felt this...


jane - November 8

i am 32 and have 3 children already, 5 months ago i had a miscariage at twelve weeks.when i went for my scan i was told that the baby was in there but already died at 9 weeks.now five months on on 6th nov i was 1 day late and did test it was bright pink. i cant wear jeans now because i cant do them up but maybe i am still not quite gone back properly from last time. who knows?



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