5 Weeks PG No Symptoms

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Kelly - March 11

Hi everyone.. Im exactly 5 weeks pregnant today. Earlier in the week i had stomache cramps and lower backache and a light brown discharge, I went to my Dr who said it didnt feel like a miscarriage but i should wait until my next period is due to make sure. However as yet i dont seem to have any symptoms except a bloated stomache. Should i be feeling sick, have sore swollen br___ts or have a change in my sense of smell ??? I keep doimg pregnancy test and they keep coming up positive so this should be a good sign.. shouldn't it !! Can somebody please tell me if im normally and just worrying over nothing..:)


michelle - March 12

Kelly- I am 71/2 weeks pregnant and have been having identical experiences! My lower back aches, my pregnancy symptoms are practically non-existant and I have a light brown discharge....I've been worrying myself sick about miscarriage. Anybody else experience this and find out it is normal?


kelly - March 16

Hi Michelle.. Thanks for reply to this, its really been freaking me out. Im so paranoid that theres a problem :) I must have done 6 PG tests (all of which are showing positive) but i still dont seem to believe it and probably wont until i keep gettinga kick in the ribs from the baby.. anyway im keeping my fingers crossed that everythings ok for both of us.. Good luck


Misty - March 16

Try not to worry yourselves too much, with this pregnancy I do have m/s and fatigue and blah blah blah...but with my first pregnancy I din't have any symptoms until the end where I got BAD heartburn everyday because of the baby pushing up on my stomach. consider yourself one of the lucky ones and try not to worry yourself too much. You will know more definatly though if everything is OK once you see the heartbeat. Chances of miscarriage drop drastically after that. Good luck to both of you ladies.


debbie johnston - March 16

Hi Kelly, Was your LMP 3/8? That's mine. I have had exactly what you are describing. Don't do anymore preg. tests. Even if you did mc, your hcg levels could stay high for a while. Instead, take your temp first thing in the am. When I saw the brown discharge yesterday and the lower backpain, I really thought it was over. My temp was 98.5 this am. For me, anything over 98.0 means I'm still preg. When I mc, my temps drop quickly. Watch your temps for a while. Also, you may be too early for preg symptoms. Mine kick in at about 6 wks. I will pray for you. Is this your 1st?


Ebony - April 16

Hi, My lmp was 3/8/05 with a average 40 day cycle.


Cutie - April 16

Hi, my lmp was 3/8/05 with a 40 day cycle, which means that ovualtion should have taken place on 3/2/05 or 3/3/05. I've been taking my temps daily and they range from the high's 97. -- to about 98.88. Ladies keep in mind that everybody temps will not be beyond 98.-- in order to indicate pregnancy. People bodies are different. For me anything beyond 97. 33 is high. That's crazy but very true. Hopefully everyone is using a pregnancydigital thermo?? The regular ones will throw you off. I had what I believe to be implantation bleeding on 3/10/05. I woke up to use the bathroom and look down and there was old blood (brownish in color) in my panties. Period is due...I have faith that she will not show...and I am pregnant! Good luck to all of you! Keep your faith and ask the Lord & God for all your needs. For God says if you ask.....I will deliver !


Krissie - April 17

Since you're only 5 weeks, it's hard for the OB to do a scan to make sure everything is okay, but I'm sure it is. Cramps are very normal during the 5th week!! I had them too!! Discharge is also very common. A lot of people have bleeding and brown discharge and come out with ealthy babies. At 5w5d I started my horrible morning sickness and it just ended at week 11 (a few weeks ago)


jena - April 17

i'd bet in no time you'll start feeling symptoms :). i was fine until 6.5 weeks (and saw the babies on u/s at 6 so I know they are okay) and then bam at 6.5 weeks I had morning sickness and aches, etc. i'm sure you're fine - enjoy for now!


Dee - May 15

Hi Kelly I am 5 weeks and I too have no symptoms - I am freaking out. I keep thinking something is wrong with me. Today I wiped and had some red blood, not much but fact remains blood. I am so scared to m/c yet I feel my pregnancy isn't right. Am I being a downer or do others feel the same? I want nothing more than to have this child and not m/c - it is making me nuts. Any advice PLEASE :-) Kelly, maybe we are both worrying over nothing......


Michelle - May 16

On March 16th I had responded to Kelly regarding similar symptoms- and lack there-of. This is my second pregnancy and I fully expected it to be the same as my first- painful b___sts, early nausea....text book. Instead I did not feel pregnant at all, no b___st tenderness, back ache, mild cramping and brown spotting every day. I called a nurse on the phone around week 8 and she told me it sounded like a possible miscarriage!.... I'm hear to tell you ALL pregnancies are different. Brown spotting can be very normal- my doctor has confirmed. Even red blood after s_x is normal. I am now 15 weeks pregnant. The spotting has stopped, nausea came later and my b___sts are making up for the soreness they lacked earlier! I have seen my perfect little angel through ultra sound. The only way I got peace over many weeks of wondering if I was going to miscarry was to turn it over to God...to trust that His will would be done.; that the baby and my pregnancy are in His hands. It is the only way I got any true peace. Ladies, the Lord has your child in His hands. Trust Him.



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