5 Weeks Pregnant Could This Be Twins

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missmonkey80 - September 24

Hello everyone. This is my 4th pregnancy, and I am 5 weeks, 1 day pregnant. I went in yesterday at exactly 5 weeks and I was given a quick ultrasound just to confirm pregnancy. My Dr. showed me what appeared to be a gestational sac with a tiny litlle "something" inside (too early too actual baby) I also swear I saw a second gestational sac (black circle) right next to the first one, but forgot to say something about it. I also took a blood test yesterday and my HCG levels at 5 weeks are 5,656. I go back again tomorrow to make sure they are doubling. I cant stop thinking about the possible second gestational sac I saw so I emailed my dr about it and asked him what he thinks. He said he did see something too, but the shape appeared to be more elongated than the first sac, so he thinks it may just be a shadow from my uterine cavity, but he cant rule anything out until my next ultrasound which will be who knows when. Ny question is this, is it possible to have 2 gestational sacs be of different shapes? To me they looked identical in size, and I was a little shocked that at 5 weeks he DID NOT do a va___al ultrasound, rather a traditional "belly" ultrasound. Im wondering if he would have used the va___al ultrasound would he have been able to see a better view of this possible second sac? IS my hcg # high for 5 weeks? What do you think? I do also find it strange that I was able to get a positive urine pregnancy test after 5 seconds of peeing on the stick, and after my period only being a few days late. With my past THREE pregnancies, I wasnt able to get a positive urine test for at least 2 weeks after my period was late because supposedly my hcg levels grow slower than most. I am so curious!!!


KSM - October 24

That is surprising that your Dr did a belly ultrasound. I think that early they can see much more v____ally. I'm not sure about the sacs but your HCG is prob a little high, but I think everyone is different. My first baby 5 weeks was 10,000! This time at 5 weeks was 149. Now I'm over 2000, 6 weeks today.


Brooklyn27 - October 30

I went to the doctor at 3weeks and they couldn't see anything and the second time I went back I was 5weeks and 6days and I thought the same thing but she told me without me even asking that there was only one. I guess they can see it as soon as possible so I wouldn't get your hopes up.



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