5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Says Under 5 Wks

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f - April 21

I am confused and dont understand this calculating business. My LMP was 25th Feb 05, my luteal phase is 16, and my cycle is 33 days. I have charted religiously and know that I conceived on the 16th of March. I should be 7 weeks today (today is 22nd April 2005) - if I have done the correct math but there are so many formulas out there I dont understand. Can anyone tell me how many weeks I am??


anna - April 22

I figure you should be 8 weeks pregnant today (22 April). U should have ovulated about March 14. Pregnancy starts from the first day of your last period, thats where most people get mixed up. go to website:http://www.mymonthlycycles.com/ovcalculate.jsp and you put in the dates above and luteal phase length etc and it has a good calender so i just counted weeks from your first day (Feb 25) to today, so i am closser to your date than the ultrasound ...sorry i dont get it either


Sandra - April 22

Hi, I have 33 day cycles as well and the dr told me to always remember this when I went for scans etc. Because LMP is used to calc how far long you are, but the a__sumption is that you have a 28 day cycle. Anyway, what the dr told me is to always tell the dr this as this would always make you a week behind in terms of growth, or to not worry if the u/s dates being given to you is a week earlier than calculated from LMP. So that would explain the difference between the u/s date and your calcs. It's all so confusing to explain...


f - April 22

i tried that website but im definately not 8 weeks pregnant....i dont understand!


SM - April 22

Diid you get you blood hcg levels tested? I am having the same problem, I thought I was 6wks abut the U/S only showed 5wks size. I know that I ovulated late, like you my lmp was March 5. Anyway, my is doing hcg tests yesterday and I have to go on Saturday for another tests 48hrs later. I am hoping my levels double, otherwise I may be in trouble. Good luck!!



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