5weeks And BLEEDING

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orim88 - October 22

i talked b4 in different post but im gunna again, i started bleeding last night i just felt achey and really tired, the first time i had pink then brown and that was the 17th it was all good till the 21st, im really not knowing what to do , it tooearly to go to the dr and actually im not like bleeding bad just wheni use the restroom, its there, i dont have cramps just a ache and its not all thetime, ive had miscarriages b4 and i just remember painful cramps and a lot of blood, has anyone had a MC with no pain or very little, im really scared an d am trying to keep it easy or take it easy


sweetiepie1215 - October 22

hey orium88: this is my first time being pregnant so i cant tell you from personal exsperience however if it is just lite pikn and brown blood they say it is discharge old blood that is still in your system, but i do know you dont have to have cramps to miscarry, now if the blood turn bright red you need to get to a doctor even if they say its too soon, go to the e.r cause then its probally a m.c. my cusin just had a m.c a couple of weeks ago and had the lite pink brown blood and went for an ultra sound and everything was perfect, but it turned brite red, and they could not longer see the heartbeat, so hope this helps, just take it easy and try not to worry because worrying to much could casue some problems...


buchisheriff - October 23

hi orim88,am just new to this forum.i really understand your fears,but remember fear won't do u any good,rather seeing a good dr will.am just 3weeks old in marriage,but my mum,as a midwife will always say being pregnant,u should never take things for granted,always check with ur dr.be positive and hang in there,u will not have another miscarriage i pray.it could be anxiety or stress,but get a confirmation from ur dr.buchisheriff.


orim88 - October 23

well tady the bleeding is lite, yesterday and the night b4 i bled all day with not clots it was mucusy like i dont know but last nite hardy bled at all and today is lite , and the blood isnt bright red its fairly dark like burgundy, well like a period,just not as heavy i guess, ive been reading about subchorionic bleeds (i had one a big one with my daughter) and im kinda thinking that might be the case since its tapering off but i just dont know the whole thing with going to the dr is i dont have insurance as of right now so if it is still early to see a heartbeat then id rather wait it out till it will be better to tell whats going on, though i will say i will go to the er if something is really bad ie. pain ,bleeding , but im worried to say the least



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