6 1 2w And I Can T Eat

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mlg8 - January 20

For about the past week I have felt so naseaus that even the thought of food repulses me. I have vomited but not very often (twice in the am). I have hardly eaten enough to keep a bird alove the last week. Dr didn't seem too concerned about it. But I am. I literally haven't eaten enough to keep me alive let alone a baby. For ex: Yesterday I ate a couple pieces of cheese, about 1/4c of chicken soup and 1/2 a roll. Today: about 1/2c buttered noodles, 1 piece buttered toast and about 1/4 rice w/ some cheese. The rest of the week has been VERY similar. Is this normal to feel like this...so sick that the HUGE lump in your throat won't even let food go down?


nic - January 20

Yes, don't worry, it's normal!! In fact if you have bad morning sickness it means you have a really good chance of a successful pregnancy!! The baby will get its nutrients from your body. If anyone is going to suffer from the lack of nutrients in your current diet, it will be you, NOT your baby! So don't worry about that. I'm 8.5 weeks and for the last week I've been like you... yesterday all I ate was an apple, and today, 2 tomatoes and a piece of b___tered toast. The doctor knows my diet is screwy - I've lost 3 kilos since getting pregnant - and he is not all all concerned about it. Hope this helps you feel better!


flipthea - January 21

Hi....I felt the same way...although right now the morning sickness seems to come and go for me. I was so concerned that I wasn't eating well for the baby. My doctor said the main thing is to stay hydrated. I also think the prenatal pill made me feel worse. I'm going on 10 weeks this Wed. I can eat a little more now.


denimb__terfly - January 21

I feel the same way. Thing is- I have not thrown up once, but ALL day and ALL night I feel sooo nauseas! Everything smells yucky. I love eating normally, so this is really weird for me. I remember going through this with my second child- but it has been 7 years since that pregnancy and I don't remember how long it lasted. I remember lots of throwing up too- I am kind of wondering why I am not throwing up.


mlg8 - January 21

Thank you guys for making me realize that I am not the only one and that this seems 'normal' or at least as normal as it can be. I am going to talk to my dr on Tues tosee if there is something she can give me. I have several other ailments that I have been able to get under control in the past few years that will definitely begin to act up again if I am not eating and that is not something I feel like going through along w/ being pg.


Nk - January 24

I am 6wk 3days, I also feel n feel too nauseaus and can't stand the smell of anything. Even watching a food an advert on the tv makes me nauseaus. But I found out that if I force myself to eat bland food without spices, I actually feel a little better. I try to eat slowly and stop when I feel nauseaus, then I continue later. You can try and see if you feel better. It seems the nausea is worsened by an empty stomach.


rzblossom - January 24

I just read that if something like this happens you and baby will be alright, at least your eating a little something, the article mentioned that once the sickness subsides you will make up for it. I had major sickness with my son, had to visit the bathroom before every meal, could not stand the smell of food, especially anything green. But baby is now a 17 year old boy 5.11 inches tall and very healthy.



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