6 7 8 Wks Pregnancy Signs

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top - March 7

h__lo, this is my 1st pregnancy and im so excited and i want u to share ur symptons whether ur 6, 7 or 8 wks alongs or longer..lol please feel free to share ur preggie signs i just want to know everything there is to know...lol thank you,


cattac - March 7

Hey, i am 6 weeks 2nd pregnancy. Last time i had bad gestational gingivitis by now but this time I have no signs of it thank goodness. This time I feel VERY bloated and b___bs occasionally sore. Wanting a lot of foods that aren't good for me especially chocolate.


nha - March 7

I am 7 weeks. I am having a veeeeeeery bad nausea. last thursday I was vomiting all day...about 8-9 times. Loss of appet_te, lil bit sore b___bs thats it. what are your symptoms?


emilymalm - March 7

Hello. I'm 8wk 1d along in my first pregnancy. I have 24-hour sickness, which has worsened every week so far it seems. I also have sore b___bs, headaches, tired all of the time, bloated, intense sense of smell, craving some foods while even the thought of others makes me want to hurl, gas, and constant indigestion.


LoraS - March 8

Hi! I am 6w 1d and I have had HORRIBLE pain in my b___bs, a little nausea, and I could sleep all day. :) I love the sleeping part! Good Luck to you all!


top - March 8

hi ladies, im 6wks now and thank goodness i dont have any signs of nausea or voimiting..lol. like everyone here i feel bloated, always hungry,ga__sy and occasionally sore b___bs, but its mostly the nipple, along with the usually abdomen & pelvic cramps.... oh and leg cramps.. i know it sounds silly but its true..lol hmmm now im wondering when i get to experience nausea?? lol. please take care of urself and most of all our precious ones inside us...


hana - March 8

Hello, Im 7wks and have these weird sensation movement from my abdomen and nausea. Im always very hurngy and very very tired. This is my first and Im very excited. Good luck.


cattac - March 8

i am also exhausted all the time- i'm lucky i work from home because otherwise i wouldn't be able to take two or three naps during the day!


angelinakai - March 8

hi Top... congratulations on your pregnancy! this is my first too. I am 7w1d and I am tired all of the time, day and night, very hungry, really bad headaches that sometimes last all day, very swollen b___bs (which my husband loves hehe) and thats about it so far


Gem - March 9

Hi I am 5 weeks 4 days and counting. So far I have swollen and sore b___bs, sore nipples, frequent urination, slight nausea and I did have back ache and period type cramps but they seem to have settled down now. I am waiting for the m/s to hit me as I am convinced it will.


knpandrews - March 9

Hello. I am a little over 8 wks. I have heartburn, sore b___sts, nausea and insomnia. Those symptoms were there from week 4-6ish and then went away. Recently came back right at about 7 1/2 wks. Hope you ladies are doing well.


Chas - March 9

Hi everyone, I am 6 wks today and I have really sore b___sts, but thats about it. I wish I could feel something else. It's hard to believe there is actually a little person growing inside me! I don't "feel" pregnant yet.


Ashleyg - March 9

i am 9 weeks today and i have had morning sickness (better called all day sickness) for about 4 weeks now. i also have very sore b___bs and i am exhausted. good luck to everyone!


Baby Girl18 - March 9

My name is Marie, I'm 8 weeks pregnant and the only signs of pregnancy that I'm having is REALY SORE brests and I'm breaking out,but not on my face it's on my sholder's. Which I think is realy grose but at least I can cover it up, which I wouldnt be able to do if it was on my face. This is my second pregnancy, when I was pregnant with my son I had the worsed morning sickness I was sick all the time. So this time so far is way easer and I hope it stay's that way. I was wondering if because this time is sooo diffrent if that meen's I'm going to have a girl this time? Would any one have any thoughts on this?


top - March 9

hi ladies... i still dont have any signs of nausea or vomiting thank goodness.lol. QUESTION.... but i was wondering if u can feel something (baby) if u gently push down on ur abdomen at this point?


mandee25 - March 21

Hey I am 3 weeks and 3 days pregnant and my symptoms are feeling nauseas most of the time although no vomitting yet, hungry a lot, sore b___sts, leg cramps, extra saliva in my mouth, bloating, body acne, insomnia and an intense sense of smell. I hope you all have a wonderful pregnancy and beautiful baby to love! xxx


mommy to be - March 21

hi yall. i have a question. i am about 6 weeks pregnant and the only signs that i have are tender b___sts and sore nipples and tiredness and a little bit nausea. i took 3 tests at home and they were positive and one at the doctorss yesterday and it was positive. am i really pregnant?



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