6 8 Wks Preg Before The Doc Will See Me

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Carrie Anne - February 1

I just found out that I am pregnant on Friday from my thyroid doctor. I called my ob/gyn and they made my appointment for 2/23 saying they wait until patients are 6-8 weeks. Is this normal or should I seek a different doctor?


Beth - February 1

I believe it is normal. The only thing they would see at that early in the pregnancy is a sac. I went in when I found out I was pg and the dr said I was an early 4/5 weeks, he pretty much said nothing else, because there is nothing more to tell at that time. Besides a pelvic to make sure the cervix is closed they can't tell anything else.


ekay - February 1

The only thing I would be concerned about is the thyroid. However, my sister has thyroid issues and is on Synthroid. She goes to her doctor just like I do, every 4 weeks. I think they are just gonna check her blood everyonce in a while. Call your o/b or better yet your thyroid doc. if you are really concerned.


Penny - February 1

That's pretty normal, I too just found out on Friday, and called today to get an appt. It's scheduled for the 25th of Feb. This is my 3rd one, but it's been 10 years, so it's like doing it all over for the first time.!!!! No need to worry~ Penny


Rachel - February 1

I found out two weeks ago that I was 5 weeks PG and my doctor will be seeing me in my 8th week also. I'm not worried about it. I know I'm PG and I'm taking care of myself and reading about what to expect.


Carrie Anne - February 2

Thanks everyone. I feel better.


Julie - February 2

Yep, me too. I saw my Dr. at 5 weeks and he just sat and chatted with me. Talked about eating right, vitamins, weight gain. Then said, let's do your first true OB appointment at 8 weeks. I think that's pretty standard, he said for me then they will do an ultrasound...


kelly - February 2

I am 7 weeks today and my first appointment is not until March. Everyone tells me that is normal and there is no reason to go before.


Tania - February 5

Its the same with me Carrie Anne, my first appointment is when i will be 8 weeks plus. I was worried too, but now i am rea__sured. Take care of yourself.


Sherry - February 10

I dont think it's normal to wit they act like you should get with your obgyn as soon as possible to start prenatal care and you know the regular routine. I had suspected i was pregnant and all types of doctors was telling me the same time you are talking about and I just had to find another, because i just had to know and get proper care.


Kat - February 11

You guys are all so lucky! I have Kaiser, new insurance and they only saw me to fill out forms and get a real appt when I was 8 weeks. I don't get to see a dr until I am 12 weeks! That is after the first trimester...I have no choice for insurance until July. They scare me. :(


Rachel - February 12

Mine was 10 weeks before I see one.


Candee - February 14

My ob/gyn doesn't want to see me till I am 9-10 weeks - she says the baby is easier to see at that stage.


Ashleigh - February 14

I had to call about 15 different practictioners before I found a dr who would see me asap. I really think it's important to go now b/c you need prenatal vitamins. Weeks 5-8 is when your baby is forming his/her neural tube/spinal cord, so the vitamins come into play before then. However, since you know you are pg just eat foods w/ plenty of folic acid and you should be fine.


J - February 14

My doc will see me 4-6 weeks for a first visit just to confirm pregnancy and prescribe prenatal vit. then I will go back between 8-10 weeks for a v____al ultrasound. I think this is quite normal.


~m~ - February 20

Very normal. They have to allow time to see more than just a sac. Really, it is in your best interest to wait. If you go too soon, and you can't see a jelly bean or a heartbeat you'll freak out. I wouldn't seek another doctor solely for that purpose. But if there are other things going on, that's a different story. Good luck!


kim - February 20

i hope your doctors prescribed prenatal vitamins to you even if they will niot see you



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