6 Weeks 4 Days And No Hear Beat

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alenka - April 15

Dear ladies...i have posted a msg a few days ago and now i decided to start a new one...my LMP was Feb 15...i went to my 1st appt thinking I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant...they did u/s and told me the baby is smaller for 8 weeks..only 9 mm and about 7 weeks...this was on tuesday...i did another u/s today with different doc...4 days after tuesday....i was told today i'm only 6 weeks and 4 days and the baby is 7 mm...in both cases they heard no heart beat...my next u/s is in 5 days....Anyone who had the same situation?? I know my days could be off since i just got off my BC pills 2 months ago....I'm just hoping the baby is still alibe....i dont know how to wait another 5 days...they did not HGC level i dont know why....anyway - thanks to all who responds! good luck to all of you!


sparkle123 - April 19

hey alenka, i had a simular problem myself, after coming off my bc pills i had iregular periods it takes a while for u cylcle to settle down so when i found out i was pregnant i thought i was alot further along than i was, i started to get pain in my abdomin and was sent for u/s to check for ectopic but they could not even find any sign of pregnancy, i then had blood test that came up positive so was sent back for anouther scan which then i was told was just an empty sac and at most i was only 4 weeks pregnant but my hcg levels were so high they insited that they should be able to see more than an empty sac and the sonographer dated me at 6 weeks and 9 days!?!?! anyways after 2 more scans where one told me it was an empty sac and the other said it was just a blood clot i was left emotionaly drained but 2 week after this i had one more scan expecting the worse but this time they saw everything the fetal pole the yolk salk and a flickering heart beat and the measured me at just 6 weeks?? even thought i thought i should be about 8 weeks, this was a great relief to me though they did also find a bleed adjacent to the sac which now is a whole new worry for me and they wont scan me again for anouther 6 weeks!!! so now its just the waiting game, but on this site ive heard of some womem not seeing a hearbeat untill there well into there 8th week so just keep praying, if u have no pain or bleeding u should be ok, best of luck to u babe x x x x.


alenka - April 19

sparkle123..thank YOU so much for your comforting response...i almost had no hope and i have more now that i read your msg...tomorrow is the day..i'm going for my u/s in the morning...i hope things will turn out good..i will see...thank again and good luck to you!



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