6 Weeks 5days No Heartbeat

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miya - January 31

My last period started on 11/28 and last friday doctor said i was 6 to 7 weeks, due date Sept.23..he did not hear the heartbeat but he did see g.sac and yoke..I've had 3 ultrasounds and I'm very nervous.. how can the dates be right....confused


Beth - January 31

Hi Miya, my last menstral cysle also started on Nov. 28. I found out I was pg on Jan 6, and went to the dr on the 7. He saw a sac and said I was a very early 4 to 5 weeks, going by 5 weeks he said my due date is Sept 4. I have another apt. this wed for my month check up, I am hoping things look good seeing on I am going on either 8 or 9 weeks .. .I hope he can tell me more. Plus if you are only 6 weeks it can be a little to early to hear the heartbeat, give it a few days maybe even a week!!


Miya - January 31

Beth, shouldn't my due date be Sept 4 like you, I had no period in Dec. so you see why I'm confused .My hcg is good..but they said last Friday it could go either way ... I go back in 2 weeks from Friday so I just need to patient.. thanks for your reply...


Beth - January 31

Hi Miya, I was confused to by what the dr told you. but who knows, I will hopefully find out more on Wed and then I can fill you in. As for my HCG I don't even know what mine is, they never took it, and then I started spotting so I called them and made them have me get tested for my HCG and still even then they didn't give me the count they just said it was good for where I was then which was 6/7 weeks.


Kelly - February 2

I'm not sure thats right. My last period was Dec. 13. They are telling my that my due date is Sept. 21. By the way, why do so many people have ultrasounds so early in pregnancys. Should I have one?


Beth - February 2

My LMP was Nov. 28 and I am 9 weeks along


Sarah - February 2

I had the same issue with my first pregnancy. I was supposed to be 8 weeks and the baby only measured 7w1day and there was no heart beat. I lost the baby. But good luck with you. You just never know what can happen. I am prego again and things are great i am 12w4days so there is hope.


cherish - April 12

today, i had an u.s and they only found the embryo, no heartbeat. im going back in a week to see if anythings changed. if not, i guess it wasnt meant to be.



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