6 Weeks And Bleeding Normal

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apey28 - April 10

Hi, I'm 24 (25 tomorrow the 11th) and 6 1/2 weeks pregnant if my calc are right. I had my first appointment scheduled for today which was with a nurse only and no pelvic exam would be given until 2nd appt with the doctor. I called them early this morning to tell them I had some bleeding this weekend that concerned me. Since I have yet to even see a doctor I am not sure what to make of it. Luckily this forum has been great in providing me with some information regarding bleeding and miscarriages. So when I tolfd them that they canceled my appt today and instead sent me straight for bloodwork to test my HGC levels. I will test again in two days but now I am concerned. She said when todays level comes back it is high enough we will schedule and ultrasound if not then we will go from there. Either way they are checking it again in 48 hours. The bleeding was pink in color and only when I would wipe after using the restroom. I immediately rested the rest of the day and havent seen much of it since. This is my first pregnancy and I am now worried. I have been tired and had tender br___ts so far and have not yet been sick (thankfully) I have also had slight cramping (more likre pressure) in the lower stomach but nothing more than my usual premenstral cramping would be. I had already taken 4 hpt all were psoitive two weeks ago so I know I am pregnant. If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear them. I know bleeding can be normal but most of what I have read is brown in color and mine was pink..Thanks and I am soo gratefull for this site!


sonia - April 11

hi, i am 6 weeks pregnant and i have been bleeding on and off for 2 weeks, and its red all the time. I have had 2 ultra sounds and everything is ok and going for another one in a week to see the heart beat, so i am in the same postion as you but i try not to stress too much which is hard to do but when i relax and do nothing it seems to ease the spotting as when i am working.Once you see the ultra sound you will bit at ease abit more. try not to overdo yourself with alot as they say the frist 12 weeks are the most important time.hope all goes well with your ultra sound.


apey28 - April 11

thanks! I just hope the levels are high enough so we can do an u/s. I am just so anxious to get started and get a "doing wll" from a doctor. I will be sure to keep you posted. I should get the results from yesterdays bloodwork sometime today.


apey28 - April 11

Just called and my level from yesterday was 3000. Is that good? they said it wasnt bad, but it all depends on Tomorrows test. As long as they are going up then we should be ok for now!! Keep crossing your fingers!


apey28 - April 11

So as the day has progessed and since my last post, I have begun spotting again. This was a liitle longer than previous. Yesterday was clear but not today. Still have to get that second test tomorrow, but it really is dishearting to see this happening again..


sonia - April 14

I have been spotting and have had a few clots for over 2 weeks now i asked the doctor about it and he says if you have no pains at all you can be ok, i have my 3rd ultra sound next week to see the heart beat to convirm everything is ok. i try to rest as much as possible which is hard if you have to work.I know how you feel about the bleeding.It is scary to see it and wonder why me? its easy for people to say "dont worry" but you do. I hope all goes well for you, let me know how you are progressing.i am keeping my fingers crossed for and myself.



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