6 Weeks And Major Constipation HELP

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momof3 - May 1

Hello ladies. I really hate to start a thread on such an unpleasant topic, but I am dying here! I have had severe M/S for 2 weeks, I am so nauseous that I have to force feed myself...and water is almost impossible to get down as it makes me feel gross. I have an aversion to all veggies and bread right now which is strange B/C I normally eat tons of them and I usually have minimal "difficulties" BC of the fiber in these foods. This is adding to the problem and everything sitting in my guts makes me feel worse! This is my third PG and I never had this problem, this has been a very rough start for me! Anyone else suffered with this so early on...what helped. And PLEASE don't say Metamucil...thats what my Doc said to take, How the heck do I get that stuff down anyways!! YUCK!!


Seal - May 1

Hi momof3 - I had pretty bad constipation too at 6 weeks. I think there is maybe a big progesterone surge at that time that causes this? My bowels basically STOPPED. I suffered through it and now at 8 weeks it is much better. I basically dranks tonnes of water, ate lots of broccoli, fruit, whole grains, etc. I avoided metamucil b/c i find sometimes that can make it worse. Really avoid white bread and meat, since these are gummy and harder to digest and since it will be sitting in your gut for a long time it can get kinda 'toxic'. The best advice: drink lots of water, and wait it out. it will get better. good luck!


momof3 - May 2

Thanx for the tips Seal, the water thing is what is really hard right now, it is so hard to drink it when feeling so nauseous! I hope this improves soon cause I feel horrible right now!


NVgirl - May 3

momof3 --- I am 8w3d and just started getting constipated from all the "white foods" the hospital told me to eat. I am on Zofran (nausea med) that dissolves in your mouth because I was throwing up for 2 weeks straight (about 30 times a day – I was actually hospitalized due to dehydration). I couldn't keep anything down, not even water. Since I have been on the meds it has help A LOT!! But the hospital told me to eat only white foods because it is easier for your body to absorb and digest... especially pretzels – they are better than saltines. Anyhow, just noticed that I had been having (TMI, sorry) pebble BM and barely even that. So I bought the Metamucil capsules and grapes and dried apricots yesterday morning in addition to drinking a lot of water to flush it all down and I have to say by that night I had gone BM – 3-4 times. I felt so much better – I usually went the bathroom at least twice a day and for the last 3-4 days I hardly went at all so I was very uncomfortable! So I actually went this morning and hopefully will go again tomorrow…. I cannot believe since getting pg, how much my body can’t stand veggies and wheat bread at the moment. But hopefully you’ll be able to find something that works for you.


momof3 - May 3

NVgirl, Wow, I thought I was sick, you sure had a rough go..hope it all keeps improving. I hear you about the veggie/wheat aversion..I cant stand the smell of bread at all. I am eating lots of fruit though. Yesterday I got my hubby to get me a pineapple and watermelon and I ate a lot of that and was able to 'go'. If you can't stomache water but feel thirsty watermelon helps with rehydrating.Boy us women sure have to go through a lot to have these little ones! I always say the dads are lucky because they don't have to go through all the body and emotional changes like we do...but then I think he has to put up with me though when I feel like c___p and am VERY cranky! I think he looks forward to going to work these days!


Jen01 - May 3

I've had the problem off and on now for the last 6 weeks. I hope you can figure out the solution before me, b/c I still haven't!


angelswim - May 3

If you have problems drinking water, try squeezing juice from a lemon, lime, or any kind of berry into it with a little Splenda (or even a teaspoon of corn syrup..which is used to aid in bowel movements). But only use it if you don't have blood sugar problems. Top it off with ice and it makes for a nice cool drink. Perfect for summer's outside...rather than inside on the john.


momof3 - May 4

Well, I hope the rough patch has pa__sed...eating the waterrmelon and fresh pineapple (and lots of it!) has seemed to help! I still have NO thirst and a horrible metallic taste in my mouth constantly. Anyone else have this?


hthab - May 4

How about a fiber pill, like Fibercon, that you won't have to taste? I think they're natural.


sunshinekitty240 - May 4

i had the same problem really bad and my doctor said i could take a laxative. obviously ask first because the books all say no... but he said to take a laxitive once in a while just not every day. It didnt give me any problems at all...



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