6 Weeks And NO Empty Sack Roll Call Please

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Mary - February 25

I am going to have an u/s done at 6w 3d to ensure my pregnancy is not ectopic. On a prior thread it seems that every woman had an empty sac at such early stages and I am now freaking out - I do not want to be all worried about it for nothing. If you had an u/s at 6 weeks or so and saw your baby please let us know, it will be much appreciated.


ekay - February 25

6w5d saw baby and hb. They should be able to tell at that point whether or not it is ectopic. But personally, I'm not sure I myself would ever again get one that early. There are so many variables and even if you are off on your dates a couple of days, things could look completely different and worrysome to an expectant mother.


Missy - February 25

I saw the baby at 6 wk 2 days (barely visable HB but there nonetheless) and again at 7 wks (I had a bit of spotting, nothing to be alarmed about) good strong HB at 125 BPM. Mary, good luck with your appointment, god bless!!


Lynn - February 25

I got an ultra sound at 6 weeks 2 days and we say an early sac and noted that the pregnancy was not ectopic. I go back to the doctor on wednesday Mar 2 and I will be 7 weeks 4 days. We must remember that being 6 weeks actually mean being 4 weeks(considering that they are counting from your last period and not your conception date) and that is still quite early to see something so tiny as a grain of rice.


c - February 25

I had a 6 week ultra sound and saw the baby and heard the heart beat with a v____al us


ec - February 26

I had an ultra sound and a v____al scan at 6wks and 3 days and i could see babys heart beat on both scans, good luck


Rachel - February 26

I saw my bby at 6 weeks 2 days and like Missy the tech also just barely saw the little hb. I guess I was lucky.


Crystal - February 26

I had my first ultrasound yesterday and i found out that i was 6 weeks and 1 day and i heard my babies heart beat and saw the baby


Crystal - February 26

i was scared cause i thought something was going to go wrong and everything came out fine so don't worry to much just have faith in GOD and he will hear you.


Mary - February 28

Thanks to all of you ... I am going in knowing it may be too early to see a baby or HB, I have to remember this is a test to ensure I do not have an ectopic pregnancy. Thanks again for the prayers, I am sending many many to all of you, too.


Gibbler - February 28

With my last baby I had a ultrasound at 6weeks 4 days, the baby was there but there was no heart beat, BUT they did a v____al ultrasound and there was a heart beat it turned out I was 5 weeks and 3 days so i was a week and 1 day behind but everything is great now and my baby is 15 months old :) so have faith and good luck let us know how everything goes.


linda eccles - March 4

i just saw a sac it was tiny and i thought hey this isn't right but i had a very healthy girl at 42wks don't worry the person doing the ultra sound will know


Kristina - March 5

Does any one know if there is a big difference in what you see on an u/s in between the 5th week and the 6th, I know they grow so rapid but it is just hard to believe that i will go from just seeing the sac one week to the heart beat the next.


melissa - March 5

i saw a very small sac at 5w2d and at 5w6d saw a sac with a yolk sac but still no embryo. dr's are saying possible blighted ovum and i am stressed. my next u/s is wed.


Mary - March 7

Finally the day is here - I am having my u/s today - I will post my results here :) Thanks again to all for the support.


Mary - March 8

I saw the little one and its heart beat :) OMG ... OMG ... It was like seeing a miracle! I was so scared I would see nothing - I am 6w3d preggo :) Thanks again to all for the support!


Kim - March 8

Mary, that is great news! So happy for you! I go for my first u/s on 03/25, when I will be in my 9th week. They are not guaranteeing an u/s but I have asked for one. I can't wait! I think we are both due around Halloween?



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