6 Weeks And Showing Impossible

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Danni my first pregnancy - April 15

I'm about 6 weeks and I can't wear my jeans anymore! I find them really uncomfortable, they dig and when I bend, plus it's a bit of a struggle buttoning them!! I've gained about 5-6 pounds! I glanced at myself in the mirror when I was tidying, and I saw how my stomach seemed so much larger! My boyfriend even commented on how my stomach, below my belly button was alot larger! Is this possible when your 6 weeks?


mandee25 - April 15

Yeah I am 9 weeks and I noticed my belly has gotten bigger already. I think it is due to me eating more and bloating. I have gained 7 lbs!


Susan W - April 15

Yep. But it's not the baby, it's your GI system :( I blew up right away with baby #1 because I had to eat constantly with him to control the morning sickness :(( and gained about 14 lbs in the first trimester, to the irritation of my midwife I haven't gained a pound yet with this baby (third pregnancy), and I'm 12 weeks, but I can't b___ton my pre-partum jeans by the end of the day. I hate mat pants, so I'm holding off as long as possible.


CrystalH - April 17

I am 6 weeks today and look like I'm about 4 months along! I always show early though but not this early! I miscarried in late December (had a D&C 1/7) so I think it's because my uterus and ligaments were and still are a bit stretched out. The baby is only about the size of a bean at this point so I'm sure that's why I'm showing already (the uterus and ligaments already being stretched). I had to stop wearing all my jeans a week ago at only 5 weeks and am only wearing stretchy pants now (I love the gaucho style - they are so comfortable!). I'm probably going to pull out my maternity clothes tomorrow because I've run out of things to wear - even my shirts are really tight! It's kind of ridiculous but as long as the baby and pregnancy are okay this time then I absolutely don't care!


Danni my first pregnancy - April 19

I knew it weren't the baby! But my stomach is quite hard, when i walk i can hear my belly, it sounds like the ocean! hahaha, i honestly don't care how big I get, as long as my baby is healthy! But i think that goes without saying, and I'm sure that every pregnant female feels the same!



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