6 Weeks And Suddenly Can T Eat

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1st Time Mother - October 24

Hi Ladies. I just entered my 6th week and suddenly I can't eat. I'm SOOO Tired and nauseous - I'm only eating crackers and water. Is this dangerous to the baby? thanks!


Jen - October 24

I am almost 8 weeks with my second and I have been this way since about 5 weeks. Just eat what you can, take your vitamins and drink plenty of fluids-I have a really bad aversion of meat!! It makes me sick!!! Good luck to you!!


Kt - October 24

I am the same way!! I am almost 7 weeks with my 2nd. Even with my 1st I was VERY sick for a long time. like jen said, eat what you can and drink plenty of fluids. i didnt eat hardly anything for 7 months with myfirst, but he took all the nutrients he needed from my body.


1st Time Mother - October 24

Thank you for your support and advice. I was eating pretty healthy up until now. Carrots, Drinking V8, having oatmeal or shredded wheat for breakfast, drinking OJ, and of course, taking vitamins...and suddently I'm feeling horrible. Does it last very long? (the duration) I feel a little better and was able to get some chicken and rice soup down, so I'm less worried now as well. I just don' t know how many mornings of this I can tolerate!


Trina - October 24

I had the same problem...had no appet_te. It'll pa__s....you'll be fine. Remember to take your vitamins.


Jk - October 25

I had the same starting at 6 weeks and still going. Im 10 weeks now and Im starting to feel better. I still cant stand the thought of most foods but the nausea is starting to fade. I ate alot of crackers and drank alot of icewater. Just take it day by day. It will be over before you know it!


Ashley - October 25

Hi Ladies---I am about 8 weeks pg. and I am sooo hungry but I do not want to eat....If i smell food, i feel sick, if i see food, i feel sick....or if i am really hungry and have it in front of me...i dont want it....Sometimes if i throw up i can eat afterwards...but my appet_te has gone down!! I ate more when i wasnt pg!


Joanna26 mom - October 25

Hi! Don't worry to much. It happened to me also. Nothing looked good to me. Now I'm 9 or 11 weeks and I'm getting better. I lost 7 lb. but I take my vitamins every other day and eat a lot of fresh fruits , it helps. Good luck.


amy w - October 25

i just found out at the doctor yesterday that i am 7 weeks, and same thing...sometime last week, i started feeling so sick that i dont want to eat anything...even the thought of having one more sip of water sometimes makes me so sick to my stomach...i was NEVER a picky eater, in fact i wanted to be a chef...and now i can hardly watch food network without wanting to throw up. i am so frusterated by this, so i have decided to send my husband out for little things for me to snack on throughout the day, like granola bars, vanilla yogurt, salt and vinegar chips (lol thanks to another post i read earlier about it helping with morning sickness...anything to eat junk right :o) ), saltines, fruit fresh veggies, v8 juice, smaller portions of things...i will let you ladies know how this helps with it when i know if you want, or if any of you have any suggestions for me that would be wonderful thanks for posting this, i have almost cried on several occasions because i just cant seem to eat a thing, and i am so worried about it, and no i kind of get to vent here lol...sorry so long...take care ladies, and let me know what you think!


johanna - October 26

I have been feeling sick since 6 weeks. Cant reali eat much. My wt went down by abt 1kg. Just had soy milk and now feeling quite sick in the stomach. I am abt 10 weeks and the sypmtoms dun seem to be getting better.....



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