6 Weeks No Baby

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mbw - September 22

Hi everyone, I am 6w3d (according to my last period). I just went and saw the doctor for first u/s and they said that there was a sack formed but no baby inside. I have no cramping or bleeding yet but I feel like there is no hope. Could there be a baby eventually? Has anyone gone through this? Any good news? I am freaking out because I have been through 2 miscarriages before.


abi_77 - September 22

mbw I am on the same boat. I have miscarried twice before, this will be my third. I went for my U/S on 5.2 weeks and they saw only a gestational sac (no yolk sac or baby) inside. So, I am waiting for next Monday, which is when I will be going for my next U/S. Did they check your HcG levels, Progestrone and what about your symptoms?


abi_77 - September 22

mbw did they see a yolk sac?


clindholm - September 23

Was it the fetal pole that they did not see yet? If so, it's usually present by 6.5 weeks which would still make it a little early for you. Also if you have longer cycles and/or ovulate later than day 14 of your cycle, you aren't really as far along as they have calculted which may account for the fact that they cannot see it yet. Good luck.


marie - September 23

I'm on the same boat. I went for an u/s when I was 6w 2d..no yoke no fetal pole..nothing... I was told to return after 10 days. I couldn't wait so I went to the ER and lied. Told them I was bleeding the night before and that my doctor told me to go to the ER. I was 7w 1d...still nothing. HCG went up from 7000+, to 9000+ then 18,000+. Today, I went for another u/s, I'm 7w 6d and still NOTHING. I don't have any cramping or bleeding. I suspect blighted ovum but I have an appointment with a different doctor on Sept 29. I will go for another round of bloodwork tomorrow and Friday. I'm still hoping for the best.


austynsmommy - September 24

That happened to me. They did not see anything but a sac I think it was. I am now 24 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I don't know why they didn't see anything. My due date never changed.


BrendaW - September 24

mbw yes i would agree with clindholm. It just may be to tiny to see.



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