6 Weeks No Fetal Pole

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jen - October 29

I went for my first u/s at 6wk5ds(+/-) and saw no fetal pole, only a gestational sac. My OB said that I should come back next week in case I'm a week off. He said I looked more like 5wks5ds. By my calculations, (based upon when I know we had intercourse), the very earliest I could be is like 6wks 1 or 2ds. (and that's assuming that I ovulated one or two days after intercourse & the sperm in me was still viable - what's the odd's of that making me pregnant ??) Is there hope that I'll see something next week ? or am I setting my self up for heartbreak ?


Louise - October 30

I dont know when you wrote this but i know how you feel soo much. I actually want to give you a big hug right now. It happened to me, they couldnt see the baby but only the sack and she said your going to carry out a miscarriage. I hope your ok i really do.


Jen - October 31

Louise, thanks for your response. I was thinking that no one ever would. I'm going crazy this week with worry and fear. My next u/s is next Tuesday & I'm just praying for a miracle of some type. I just don't know how big a miracle that I'm praying for, you know ? did you miscarry ?


G - November 9

I hope your last ultrasound was OK. Please let us know how you are going.


Lisa R - November 9

I had found out i was pragnant Sept 24, 2004 a week later i was spotting i thought i was about to have my period i had went to the hopital on the first of Oct, 2004 and they said I was about 6 wks and no fetal pole then 3 wks later I was 8 wks but then i did had a miscarraige...On Octerber 14, 2003 since then i have been stress out


adrienne - November 10

I went to the doctors to day and they told me i had a poor fetal pole.Can someone please tell me what exactly that is?


Kacie - November 12

Yes. Sperm can live inside of you for up to 72 hours. It is very possible.I was in the same situation last week and they saw my hearbeat this week.



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